There have been times in my life when I was not connected to people in a real way. I gave them what they expected or what I thought was required of me to be accepted. Some days I’d struggle with comparison or fear. On my best days, I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed life. Is it any surprise that those were the days I made the most impact too?

I know I’m not the only one who has these struggles. I coach people who know they were meant for more but don’t know how to get there.

Authenticity opens up doors for us to be our best selves. And from that place, we love God more purely, love ourselves more completely, and love others more fully – as we fulfill our destiny. I hope this program will launch you into who God has called you to be too.

This course is being presented differently than most programs. The program will be done through live Zoom video calls. It’s a mix of coaching and mentorship so it is very hands on.

The program is limited to 10 people and the group meets twice a month for 6 months.  I’m taking applications now.

Are you ready to be Authentically You?

Limited Membership

Authentically You is being offered differently than anything I’ve done before. It is limited to only 10 people so we can really connect through personal mentorship. 

Biblical Teaching

Each session will start with Biblical teaching. I will share an element of being authentic and how God wants us to think and walk that out in through our business, relationships, and life.

Group Coaching and Mentorship

Join me and others who are passionate about finding their purpose and going after who God made them to be. You get the benefits of all my training as you are coached within the group context.


You will have assignments to apply what you are learning outside of our calls. Each session is different and challenging. No fluff here! They will take about 30 minutes a week but you can also invest as much time as you want for greater results. 


A community is the best way to continue to grow and be inspired. We will meet in a private online group where I’ll continue to add tools, tips, and new things. But you’ll also have the opportunity to be authentic and encourage one another.

What Will Be Covered In The Course?

Being Authentically You will help release the greatness inside of you. You were created to do things for the Kingdom of God but more importantly, you were created to reflect the image of God. Other people need you to be YOU!

You will learn things about yourself and God. You will be equipped to crush your goals. And you will unlock those areas of your life that have been hidden because of limiting beliefs.

The list you see is just a sample of what we will cover in this program.

How to encounter God's presence and hear His voice

The key to being authentic is knowing how God sees you. If you don’t know who you are in Christ then you strive to be something instead of enjoying the way you were made. We will spend time exploring the ways God speaks to us and practice hearing His voice. This module will encourage you to be in the Word and in prayer.

Building confidence and courage

One of the main components of living an authentic life is having the courage to stand out, be different and true to yourself. You will find practical tools to walk away from fear, doubt, and insecurity. You will tackle comparison and enjoy your uniqueness. We will explore what the Word says about us so that we can declare the truth of who we are in Christ.

How to love yourself and others

We only give away what we have … so if you don’t know how much God loves you or how He sees you, you will have a warped idea of who you are. And you see others through that same filter. We will talk about why it’s biblical to love yourself and still consider others higher than ourselves (Phil 2:4). We need to let God’s truth come to us and let it be cultivated in us so that it may be released through us. We will learn how to love others like Jesus. Yes, for real. We were made to love like Him.

Getting rid of limiting beliefs and embracing truth

Limiting beliefs can hold us back from thriving in every area of our lives. We believe lies about God, ourselves and others. We will practice getting rid of limiting beliefs and discover the truth. I’ve worked with so many clients that find freedom to be who God made them to be by doing this exercise. This will be so much fun!

Mastering rest and self care

If we don’t rest then we aren’t able to live authentically. We will strive for approval, acceptance, advancement, and attention. But when we embrace rest and take care of ourselves we value the treasure we are. If we are worthy enough to have the Holy Spirit and the power of Jesus in us, then we need to do rest … so we can be a blessing to others. We will talk about how to live from a place of rest even on busy days and seasons.

Overcoming "stuff" and being authentically you

Let’s be honest ….. overcoming could be a whole course by itself. There are some seasons that you feel victorious over these things. And other times you fall back to old habits of thinking. If you need to overcome shame, perfectionism, comparison, self-hatred (or self-dislike), limitations, fear, rejection etc, then this part of the course will be worth gold!  I’m so done with these struggles that have held me back from being authentic. How about you?

And more!

I have a ton of subjects on my mind … so there will be more added to this course! You will get practical tips to design your life mission statement, set goals, explore what you are passionate about and determine your strengths and values. We will challenge each other to reconnect to not only our authentic selves but also to others in a real way. Get unstuck and unlock your true potential.

About Me

One day I asked God apart from what I do, how do you see me? I realized in order to be authentic, I had to agree with Him. But what did that look like? I sensed Him gently speak to my spirit … find ways to be YOU every day.

But before I could be anything … I had to know how God saw me.  So I asked Him.

I’m going to share with you what I sensed the Lord saying to me … about me. It’s a little uncomfortable because I don’t want you to think I’m exaulting myself.  But in order to show one of the things you will walk away with I’m happy to share my journal entry:

I am gifted and talented. I am called and charismatic. I am kind and compassionate. I am detailed and driven. I am different than others, not less than. I know more than enough to serve God in the ways He’s called me. I am a powerful coach, a faithful friend, and a wise mentor. I have been given much and am a good steward of my time, resources and talents. Sometimes I laugh at things that no one else thinks is funny. I am discerning even when it doesn’t suit me and forgiving when it’s hard. I help bring healing and restoration to the hurting and broken. People will find their calling and fulfill their destiny because of my words and message. I am blessed. I am loved. I am enough. I am AUTHENTICALLY ME.

Do you want to discover the authentic you too? You were perfectly and wonderfully made to glorify God. And the world needs you. Will you join me in the journey to be authentic?



Authentically You is 6 months of coaching and mentorship in a small group – only 10 people! Dates and times will be determined based on member availability. Please apply by clicking on the button. I will set up call with you to discuss the details.

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