Join the book launch team!
I’m humbled and thrilled that you’re interested in joining my launch team for my first book, Freedom Coach Model. This book was inspired by my Freedom Coaching clients. They found freedom from things they've struggled with for years and asked that I put the tools, prayers and teaching into a format they could read or pray through on their own. The book is filled with Scripture, a short teaching about a subject, suggested questions to ask God, prayers and journal. It is meant to encourage you to be in the presence of God and find out His thoughts.

I was just going to announce the book like this, “Hey, ya'll, I wrote a book. Here is a link on Amazon to buy it.” And then I felt impressed by God to ask for help sharing it. Because … this book is less about my wisdom and all about helping people encounter God's presence. He's worth the extra planning. And He thinks people are worth it too.

Now let me tell you what you’re signing up for!

Being on the launch team means you’re willing to:

  • Read the book chapters I send you in advance
  • Post a review on Amazon (it's not offered anywhere else yet)
  • Share it on social media
  • Write about it on your blog or talk about it on your vlog or podcast
  • Share this book with your friends, family and networks by email or however seems best to you
  • Pray for God to be glorified through the book

Perks of being on the launch team:

  • You get to be a part of the Facebook group and meet up with me on Facebook Live for chats and personal Q&A’s
  • You'll get advanced chapters sent to you so you can read it first
  • Find out about the free giveaways during launch week
  • Be entered to win a Freedom tee shirt
  • I asked God to bless those who help … so hopefully that's a perk

The private Facebook group will keep us organized on when and how to best help spread the word. I'll share some insights on some chapters and how you can add your special touch.

As you probably know, I’m passionate about the message of this book and I can’t wait for people to find freedom in Christ. And I’m so blessed that you'd want to help spread the word too.

If you are ready to commit, please fill in the form below and then anticipate an email sometime in October with more details.

Thanks my sweet friends,

P.S. We do have a limited number of spots open for launch team members, but will include as many of you as possible!


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