Andrew's Armor Book Cover Coming Soon
Andrew's Armor kids book image of three boys playing outside with a house in the background.
Andrew's Armor kids book scene with Andrew finding a sticky note with Bible verses on his mirror
Andrew helps his sister find her lost doll. He is wearing his armor that makes him feel brave and strong.

I’m humbled and thrilled that you’re interested in joining my launch team for my third book, Andrew's Armor!

Launching a book is like raising kids. It takes a village to do it right. Social media is good but they do limit our reach. So that's why I need your help to get this very special message out.

Andrew's Armor is a book about identity in Christ. Andrew loves his armor and feels brave, strong, and courageous. Until he doesn't. Then the sticky notes start showing up on his mirror and he reads Scriptures that tell him who he is. His whole countenance changes. Then he forgives his friend, is kind to his sister, and helps his neighbor.

It also has Activities and Scriptures at the back of the book too.

Now let me tell you what you’re signing up for!

Being on the launch team means you’re willing to:

  • Purchase the book
  • Post a review on Amazon
  • Share it on social media, your blog or podcast
  • Share this book with your friends, family and networks
  • Pray for God to be glorified through the book

Perks of being on the launch team:

  • You get to be a part of the Facebook group and meet up with me on Facebook Live for chats and readings for kids
  • You'll get advanced PDF copy of the book
  • Find out about the free giveaways during launch week
  • I asked God to bless those who help … so hopefully that's a perk

As you probably know, I’m passionate about the message of this book and I can’t wait for people to find freedom in Christ. And I’m so blessed that you'd want to help spread the word too.

If you are ready to commit, please fill in the form below and then anticipate an email sometime in October with more details.

Thanks, my sweet friends,

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