I'm a dreamer.

I didn't know I was a visionary until I started dreaming with God about how I could do something for Him that no one else was doing. Since I started Jill Monaco Ministries and Single Matters, I have done things I'd never dreamed of before. Because before then I didn't allow myself to dream with Him. I just obeyed the authority over me in whatever job I was in at the time.

Do you have dreams in your heart that you push to the back burner because you don't think it's realistic? Are you already overwhelmed with all the things on your plate?

Maybe your energy is being spent in a place that is draining you because you aren't dreaming with God.

Because of my passion to help people be who God calls them to be, I contributed to a new book called “Thirty One Days Of Prayer For The Dreamer And The Doer.”  I wrote the prayer for Freedom because of my passion for inner healing. I've had it in my hands for a few days. I promise you it will revive your dreams and refresh your soul.

The truth is, our dreams keep us up at night, they bring us to tears, they keep us in the hustle and can some times feel like a burden. But our dreams can also carry joy … a joy that comes from dreams that are birthed by our God who desires that they have great purpose and bring glory to Him when we live them out {well}.

This community project is filled with dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs. This book was inspired from a longing to see this generation free from discouragement, fear, comparison, busyness and exhaustion. They desire to see simplicity, authenticity, gratitude, creativity and GOD’S dreams dreamed this next year and the years to come.

Our dreams need community. WE need community. The body of Christ came together to encourage, lift up and celebrate each other through this project. The women who came together and prayerfully wrote these prayers, wrote them from the trenches.

This is our place, friends – a book full of our people. A book full of cries and prayers and hopes that we feel so familiar and refreshing. We need each other, and we need God.

PURCHASE THE BOOK NOW – $1 from every purchase through the links I've provided goes to my ministry for singles at Single Matters Magazine. Or you can choose from other really great non-profits. 

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