Audio Courses

A great way to get started is to take one of my self-guided audio courses! You'll get 4 audio teachings that you can listen to on your own time. You'll also receive a PDF workbook to take notes, answer coaching questions, find prompts to pray and journal what God shows you and more!

Only $47! 

Are you done struggling with rejection or fear of rejection? Tired of being bound by anxiety and fear? Or ready to not be consumed by jealousy and self-doubt?

In this 4 part audio course, Jill Monaco unpacks what it takes to be an overcomer who lives with confidence and joy from your identity in Christ. Learn to pray so you can live as an overcomer!

Are you tired of having trouble in relationships because of miscommunication? Not sure how to handle yet another transition? Need some guidance and encouragement to reconcile well? 

In this 4 part audio course, Jill Monaco unpacks what it takes to live an authentically connected life … to co-workers, family and your spouse. Most importantly to God.

Signature Programs

You can find more in-depth training, teaching, and coaching by taking one of Jill's programs. You will find some are self-guided and others are offered through live mentorship/coaching. Find the one that is right for you and get started on your journey to freedom!

Authentically You

It's time for you to feel fully alive and be the person God made you to be! Learn how the story you believe about yourself and God impacts your future. Discover your values and rules and why the order of them is releasing you or keeping you from living a life you love.  Be coached through your strengths, get clear on your mission, goals and more! You'll be mentored and coached by Jill for 6 months with just 10 ladies on live Zoom calls. Plus, you'll receive the custom course content and a private online group for support. Registration is open now!

From Looking To Loving

For singles who want to be ready for marriage! Find the breakthrough you need so you can have the relationship you want. Discover the 4 things keeping you from finding love. Learn the one thing you need to do to get yourself noticed by the kind of person you want. Break free from limiting beliefs, patterns of rejection, fear, and your past hurt. Plus, you'll join an online Facebook community who is ready to encourage you on your journey!

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