Welcome to 2020! If you’ve been following my podcast at all you know that we took a break for the second half of 2019 due to my speaking and travel schedule and this is our first one of the new season! I have so many new interviews already recorded so be sure to click that button on your phone or computer that says subscribe so you don’t miss a future episode!

My guest today is Sula’s Skiles. She has a passion for ministry that comes from overcoming a very painful past. She has found freedom and healing from the multiple traumas of her life and has been radically transformed by becoming a fiery believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she works to spread awareness, teach prevention and help victims and survivors of trafficking. Sula uses her story to help others find the same freedom she has found. It is her joy to advance the Kingdom of God with the love & power of the Gospel. She ministers in faith to see Jesus miraculously heal people. Sula is also a Pastor and Author of two books, “Fighting for Your Purpose” and “His Beloved Bride – A Journey into Deeper Intimacy with Jesus.”  

In honor of national sex trafficking awareness day, you’ll hear Sula’s story on the podcast. (January marks National Human Trafficking Awareness month. Specifically, Jan. 11 is the national day of recognition by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.) My prayer is that you’ll be so wrecked with the love of God and leave passionate to sit at the feet of Jesus.



What We Talk About In This Episode

  • How she was tricked into being sex trafficked and then escaped from the famous man who purchased her and abused her in a foreign country
  • Different ways God speaks to us as His kids 
  • What are some powerful questions we can ask God to deepen our intimacy with Him
  • How God reveals Himself in our prayer time
  • How to get a free gift that helps you walk through forgiveness

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