The monaco method mastermind for Christian coaches and entrepreneurs who want simple strategies for a successful business


The Monaco Method Mastermind

I've walked in your shoes. As a new coach, I needed to learn how to build my coaching practice.  When starting a nonprofit, I needed to know how to create ministry resources. Once I started searching, the ads started popping up. There were so many choices for online software, course platforms, payment processors, experts who promised to help me get to a certain income level, etc. I tried and gave up on so many marketing tools. It was overwhelming. I needed someone to explain how to think like an entrepreneur, understand the value and how to grow an email list, or why I needed to “niche down” (so clients would find me ) without endless posting on social media. I always felt like I was throwing spaghetti on the wall just to see what would stick.

After years of struggling and wasting time and money on expensive (and not-so-great) courses, I finally discovered some keys to a simple system. As a seasoned coach (PCC with ICF), I've been blessed to come alongside other coaches and help them discover how God created them to coach too. Let me save you all the hard lessons and partner with you in your business.

Why M3 Mastermind?

Masterminds create space for you to experience exponential growth in your coaching business.

M3 offers ongoing support, personal and professional development, and valuable networking. You'll join a powerful group of Christians committed to serving their clients, sharing their challenges, and giving/receiving invaluable insights about their business.

 Mastermind structure

What Is Included?

As an M3 Mastermind member, you'll gain access to our exclusive private members' Facebook Group and bi-monthly mastermind sessions. The online community is your go-to hub for peer support, resource-sharing, expert feedback, and collaboration. Stay connected with fellow coaches and immerse yourself in a supportive environment.

When you're a part of our community that shares your Christian values, you're never alone and always have the support you need.


Jill Monaco will lead you through a new topic in each Mastermind session and share her methods to grow your coaching business. You'll also have the opportunity to bring your questions to the table. As each member takes the “hot seat,” the group members offer invaluable insight and feedback. Together, you'll brainstorm impactful strategies, exchange valuable insights, and gain confidence to grow your business. These recorded sessions will allow you to review them at a later time.


Meet fellow Christian Coaches, ministry leaders, and entrepreneurs. Forge meaningful connections, and establish long-lasting partnerships. Networking encourages sharing ideas, challenges, and successes while focusing on business development. Networking opens opportunities for strategic alliances with other coaches and forms joint ventures and referrals. With the M3 Mastermind, you'll always appreciate the power of a solid professional network of fellow entrepreneurs who become trusted friends.


With guest speakers, you'll have the opportunity to learn about how to improve upon your branding, implement innovative marketing strategies, create simple funnels, and hone new Christian coaching skills. These things need to operate on autopilot so you can invest your time into your clients, enhancing their coaching experience. You'll walk away with more insight into how to build a thriving coaching business. And you'll do it with simplicity and ease.


What to Expect


By filling out an application, you can share with me what you're hoping to achieve by being a part of the mastermind. I want to ensure it's a good fit so you succeed!


M3 starts whenever you are ready! We launched in June 2023 but you can join at any time, watch recorded replays, and jump right in. 


M3 is just $1200 for six months ($200 a month)! We have payment plans available. You can renew and stay in the group beyond that as well.

P.S. Most Masterminds cost $500 or more without a FB group, personalized feedback or mentorship. And coaching with Jill 1:1 ranges from $500-$1000 a month. So you get to have individual attention for a fraction of the traditional cost. 


As a member of M3 you will have access to book time with Jill at a discounted rate that is unavailable to anyone else.

Want to Chat and Learn More?

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