Clarity Journal


The Clarity Journal was designed to help you gain the confidence you need to launch your Christian Coaching Business. You will be inspired with over 90 pages of prompts.

I hope you find that the prompts inside this journal will give you what you need to flesh out your business vision, feel confident enough to pursue it, and help you process with God your calling as a coach so you can release the fear & doubt (and indecision!) and bring your vision to life.

I purposefully made this journal with pages so you could write your answers down. The more you process, the closer to the vision you’ll get. Don’t rush. Take your time. Be prayerful and ask the Holy Spirit what He’s saying to you. These prompts and questions are a part of the process I take coaches through when they hire me to coach/consult with them on their business. 

The journal is broken into sections to help you process what you really want, discover what areas you feel confident in and areas for growth, what you can do to take action, clarify your ideal client, and more! Including:

  • – Clarity
  • – Confidence
  • – Inspired Action
  • – Daily Prompts

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