Overcoming (Infostack Deal)


In the Overcoming Audio Teaching and Workbook, you'll learn about how to overcome rejection, fear, jealousy, and self-doubt. It includes 4 audio teachings plus a 30 page PDF workbook.

If you stumbled upon this in our store you can learn more about this teaching series by visiting the product page here. 


Are you done struggling with rejection, fear, jealousy, and self-doubt?

In this 4 part audio course, Jill Monaco unpacks what it takes to be an overcomer who lives with confidence and joy from your identity in Christ.

Listen to audio teachings that give you the exact steps on how to identify areas you are stuck and what to do to get free. Jill shares her secrets for a lasting breakthrough! Follow along with the teaching in a beautiful 30-page Workbook. Be led through prayers to help you leave the toxic strongholds behind you. Discover the confidence in who God made you to be!

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