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Are you done struggling with rejection, fear, jealousy, and self-doubt?

In this 4-part audio course, you'll unpack what it takes to be an overcomer who lives with confidence and joy from your identity in Christ.

Identify areas you are stuck and what to do to get free. Learn the secrets for a lasting breakthrough! Follow along with the teaching in a beautiful 30-page Workbook. Be led through prayers to help you leave the toxic strongholds behind you. Discover the confidence of who God made you to be!

Keys to Living Well

Are you tired of having trouble in relationships? 

In this 4-part audio course you'll learn what it takes to live an authentically connected life … to co-workers, family, and your spouse. Most importantly to God.

Discover the exact steps on how to communicate well, reconcile well, transition well, and love well. You'll grow as an emotionally healthy person and find more success in relationships.  Follow along with the teaching in a beautiful 25-page Workbook. Get ready to use these keys to unlock a life to living well!

Man in dress pants and shoes and woman in gold heals with words From Looking To Loving for singles course

From Looking To Loving

Are you single and ready to be healthy for marriage?

In this motivating and Biblically-based self-guided video program, you’ll identify 4 key things that keep you from having the relationship you want … and what to do about it. You’ll also get practical tips on how to grow in your relationship with God, pray with a purpose for your future mate, truly love yourself, and be the right one before finding the right one! You will also walk away with essential keys for healing from your past and be empowered to embrace the dreams of your future the way God intended it to be in relationships and life.

Woman with orange scarf flowing in the wind and text Authentically You

Authentically You

Being Authentically You will help release the greatness inside of you. You were created to do things for the Kingdom of God but more importantly, you were created to reflect the image of God. Other people need you to be YOU! 

You will learn things about yourself and God. You will be equipped to crush your goals. And you will unlock those areas of your life that have been hidden because of limiting beliefs.

* Meet in a group of 10 and work directly with Jill. 

Prophetic Mentorship

This mentorship program is specifically designed to mature you in the prophetic gift by giving you a curriculum to follow, assignments to read, and prophetic activations to equip you as you partner with God. You'll be challenged as you work with others in the small mentorship group.

Discover how God speaks uniquely to you. Grow in intimacy with God and be ready to give an encouraging word to anyone at any time. Find the gift that is already in you and use it to serve the Kingdom of God. 

* Meet in a group of 10 and work directly with Jill. 

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