Join me for a FREE 6-week FREEDOM CHALLENGE! Together, we will explore powerful coaching questions that will lead you to reach your God-given dreams. It's about time you live a life you LOVE!

You will:

– Learn to overcome overwhelm and simplify your life
– Set achievable goals in partnership with God
– Discover what you really want in life
– Experience hearing God's voice in new ways 
– Embrace sonship and get rid of a slavery mentality
– Develop a friendship with God by learning to ask questions

The Freedom Challenge has moved me to ask God more questions, and to not be timid in my prayer life. Also, the encouragement to set goals and to refocus on them when I get lost in the weeds has been very helpful in keeping me on track to fulfill His purpose for my life.


Since participating in this challenge, God has been opening doors for me and moving me forward. I was able to refocus and breakthrough in several areas. Since praying through the freedom challenge, I have stepped back into ministry, launching a new group- Families in Recovery.

Living a life you love has never been easier!


When I first started learning about the freedom I was supposed to have in Christ, it was because I needed it. I didn't like how I reacted to some disappointing news, difficult people or challenges in my life. I would emotionally crumble, isolate or feel trapped by my circumstances.

I attended classes at church, got in a small group, found a prayer partner, prayed with pastors and read self-help books. What was the key to living the victorious life? Why couldn't I access joy, peace, and confidence like other people?

Then I was introduced to freedom ministry at church. I learned tools that helped me pray, hear God's voice and I had breakthroughs and hope! I'd do okay for a while. But I still struggled.

I desperately wanted to change my life and have an understanding of how to maintain my freedom long term.

Then one day I was introduced to coaching. While my primary goal at the start was to feel better, it's now about helping others find the freedom I found. I got certified as a life coach and I even trademarked the name Freedom Coaching®.

My goal is to encourage you and show you how to live your best life. God made you with a purpose and you are meant to live it full out! I found some keys that will help you explore roadblocks, set goals, ask God questions and have a lasting positive change in your life.

I want to share these 6 key tools I use with my clients that will help you accelerate your destiny and advance the Kingdom of God. You'll also be invited to a private Facebook group to share your progress with me and others on the same journey.

You are meant for more than what you have in your life right now. God created you with a purpose to bring Him glory through your gifts, talents, and passions. And you were created to do it with confidence and joy!

Are you ready to be everything God made you to be?

Join me for a FREE 6-week freedom challenge!

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