Become who God created you to be in your faith, business, relationships, health, and life.

Freedom Coaching is all about inviting God into your process so you can get a breakthrough, be who God made you to be, and walk confidently into the life God has prepared for you.

Jill is a fantastic coach! She is super relational, very insightful, and is committed to your journey. Her encouraging coaching style compliments her God-given discernment and wisdom. Personally, she has helped me make decisions in my life, specifically, toward my vocation and calling, and helped me see and understand where the Lord was calling me to go deeper in my relationship with Him. ~Tiffani

How Do I Know If Freedom Coaching Is Right For Me?

Freedom Coaching takes you to the next level in your spiritual walk, relationships, business, health, or life. 

Most successful people have a coach. That’s because they understand that personal growth impacts every area of their lives.

A biblical mindset, aligned with the Lord’s thoughts, will open doors that were previously closed to you. You will gain clarity and confidence to set new goals. You will have healthier relationships. You will be excited about advancing into the promises of God because you will begin to watch them unfold in front of your eyes!

No matter what you need to work on; relationships, spiritual connection to God, goals, career, mindset, or something else … coaching is the best investment in yourself. Freedom Coaching will be that accountability you need to challenge yourself and highlight things you can’t see. You will be empowered and encouraged! 

If you are committed to going after the life God has for you but don’t know where to start or how to get there, then Freedom Coaching is just what you need!

My Approach

What makes coaching with me different from others is the unique model I’ve developed. I’ve trademarked it as Freedom Coaching using The Freedom Coach Model.

In Freedom Coaching, we can incorporate listening prayer tools as outlined in my book, the Freedom Coach Model, which includes asking God powerful questions, too. He’s the best coach! When you have wisdom, discernment, and revelation from Him, you will experience lasting change!

God’s heart is for you to be FREE to be who He created you to be. He wants you to clearly understand your identity and destiny so you can step out in faith and complete the assignments He has entrusted to you. It’s my honor to walk alongside you during this journey.

You may be a leader who wants to serve Jesus with excellence, but you’re wondering if you’re experiencing burnout. You are an entrepreneur with a vision but need more confidence to stay the course. You may have endured spiritual abuse and seek answers and healing for your pain.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF),  a Certified Master Christian Life Coach (CMCLC), and on the Board of Reference for the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI).  I’m also a certified Strengths Champion Coach (Strengths Finder). I love coaching clients and developing tools to help you find the FREEDOM you desire.

Let’s have a chat and see if Freedom Coaching is right for you.

Ways to Work with Jill

The Freedom Coach Model

The Freedom Coach Model provides you a customized coaching program that will meet your specific spiritual needs. In this 6-month program, Jill Monaco will lead you through 12 areas of your life that you feel you need a breakthrough. Using the proprietary tools created by Jill, that have helped hundreds of people across the globe, you will find the freedom to be who God created you to be!


  • Encounter God’s presence
  • Learn to hear His voice with listening prayer
  • Come out of agreement with lies you’ve believed
  • Learn to love God, yourself, and others
  • Overcome fear of rejection
  • Be set free from the bondage of fear and anxiety
  • Release shame and the mistakes of the past
  • Enter into the gift of forgiveness
  • Heal from mother and father wounds
  • And much more

Freedom Coaching

Freedom Coaching will help you explore various areas of your life so you can achieve all that God has put on your heart.  You can focus on one thing or sessions can be a mix of personal development, career clarification, spiritual breakthrough, relationship goals, etc. If you aren’t sure what you are called to do, a coach to help you unlock your potential. We will work to uncover what is holding you back and come up with a plan.


  • Discern how God uniquely leads you
  • Identify sabotaging patterns of thought
  • Break free of the emotional dysregulation
  • Get a plan and create strategic steps to meet your goals
  • Work through wanted or unwanted transition
  • Experience spiritual growth and deeper relationship with Jesus
  • Choose elements of the Freedom Coach Model to work on
  • Learn the Freedom Framework™ for ongoing growth
  • And much more

Business Coaching or Consulting

Are you a new or seasoned coach and want to take your business to the next level? Jill has over 30 years as an entrepreneur and 11 years running a non profit. She specializes in helping men and women grow faith-based businesses and ministries.

Business Coaching and Consulting will help you take an honest look at what is holding you back from achieving more in your business. Maybe you own your own business and want to create a new program. Maybe you want to start a business but don’t know what tech to use, or how to develop a brand, and map out your strategy. (We work with new coaches too!) We will work through your mindsets, create new goals, and watch God move! We offer various packages to fit your needs. 

Freedom Certification Training

The Freedom Certification is for coaches, counselors, and ministers who want to learn The Freedom Coach Model and facilitate Freedom Coaching in their business, ministry, or church. 

We find that inner healing is powerful, but people often don’t know how to encounter God’s presence on their own, so they become dependent on a minister. Coaching is effective but without God encounters they go back to old patterns of bondage. But when the two modalities are blended and a client has the help of a coach, to meet with God as their coach, they find lasting freedom! Let us teach you how to coach with the Freedom Coach Model® and The Freedom Framework™!

What began as a strategic move on my part to hire a coach to help develop my new business and navigate this journey with someone who also fully understands my core values and beliefs, quickly developed into a lock-in-step partnership that helped me expand not only my vision and understanding for my business but also as a person.  Jill is a great listener and uses that skill to hone in on the below-the-surface questions that are begging to be asked.  She does a remarkable work of creating space that truly allows a client to breathe, emote, and find their way forward, without judgment or agenda.  Jill always makes me feel comfortable and safe regardless the direction of our session conversation, and follows the trajectory of my course correction, gently but honestly, helping me level up and feel confident about my decisions.  I highly recommend Jill as a coach not only for what you get out of sessions, but for what you can reap between, and beyond the fruitful conversations. She is a great coaches coach. ~ Mary L. Holmström, Compass Koaching LTD 

The Coach for Coaches

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Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching Mentor coaching is a series of sessions for those seeking their ICF or ICCI credentials and needing their hours for mentor coaching. We will refine and practice your coaching skills. Since I’m credentialed as a PCC with ICF, I can coach you to your ACC or PCC level. Since I’m credentialed with ICCI as a Master Coach, I can mentor you at all levels. I host cohorts several times a year or can mentor you 1:1. Book a call to explore what mentor coaching is about.  

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Business Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting – When you decided to become a coach, it was because you wanted to help people not get stuck in the weeds of how to start or grow your coaching business, develop lead magnets, email nurture sequences, funnels, and marketing. That can be overwhelming! Skip all my mistakes and discover the shortcut with a proven system so all the elements of a coaching business work seamlessly and successfully. So you can actually enjoy coaching clients! 

I participated in coaching with Jill for a year. She is an amazing coach! Jill is authentic and truly cares about each person with whom she works. Jill is Spirit-led and you can feel the Holy Spirit working through her. Jill’s Freedom Coaching model can help others break free from Spiritual bondage and strengthen one’s relationship with God through Christ. Jill was an excellent coach and professional mentor to me during our work together. ~ Katheryn McLendon, LCSW, Life Coach

Jill Shares How Freedom Coaching Was Created

Encounter God’s Presence.

Find Freedom in Christ.

Advance the Kingdom.

 Are there dreams you’ve been believing in but you don’t know what to do to achieve them? Do you know you were meant for more than what you have in your life right now? Do fear and insecurity hold you back?

God created you with a purpose to bring Him glory through your gifts, talents, and passions. If you feel you aren’t living up to your best, then Freedom Coaching® will help you advance and accelerate! The fact that you landed here tells me you want more and are ready to get it. Let me help you pursue your God-given dreams … don’t wait another day!

I have been blessed to be under Jill’s mentorship. I knew when I heard her story that she had an anointing for my breakthrough. Jill’s heart for God & her prophetic gift lovingly guided me through a challenging situation that I was struggling with. Her authenticity solidified the fact that she understood my circumstances, my heart, my pain & my passion to move forward in love & power. I highly recommend Jill Monaco as a mentor, you too will be blessed


If you’re hungry and want a breakthrough in your career, I suggest booking a coaching call with my coach, Jill Monaco. She is amazing and has brought so much breakthrough in my life. What I love about her is that she is not just focused on her clients having amazing careers or financial success but she cares about our relationship with God and the healthing that is necessary to hear God for those major breakthroughs.


Before I started meeting with Jill, I was trapped by my insecurities and the lies that I believed. I didn’t think that God loved me enough to want to give me good gifts. Through our time together, Jill has helped me meet with God more personally and vividly than I ever have before, and I am seeing real change in how I relate to God and to others. 


I’m so blessed to have found Jill because this experience of freedom coaching has moved my relationship with Jesus forward tremendously. Breaking free from strongholds and bonds has been life-changing for me, and I am grateful for the skills that Jill has given me to use going forward. Sign up for a Freedom Coaching session.


I saw the Lord in a different way and really felt healing in certain areas of my heart. The Lord gave me pictures instead of just words – I had not experienced God in that way before. God knew that a picture would stay with me forever. God desires for us to seek Him and listen, sometimes we just need a little leading.


Jill does an amazing job of meeting the client where they are at. I learned so much from one meeting with her. She helped me with understanding who my client was, helping me feel heard, and made me feel comfortable sharing things.

Will D.

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