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  • Mentor Coaching with Jill Monaco, PCC

    Mentor Coaching (Group or Individual)

  • Branding Bundle for Coaches PDF download

    Branding Bundle For Coaches

  • Onboarding manual for new clients PDF download

    New Coaching Client OnBoarding Manual

  • Andrew's Armor

  • Miranda's mirror by jill monco.

    Miranda's Mirror

  • 8 Lead Magnet Templates for Christian Coaches PDF Download

    8 Lead Magnet Canva Templates

  • Freedom Coach Model Book

  • Clarity Journal

  • New coach checklist all the steps you need to launch your coaching business.

    New Coaching Business Checklist

  • Signature program blueprint PDF download

    Signature Program Blueprint

  • Life Coaching Workbook.

    Life Coaching Workbook

  • Miranda's mirror by jill monco.

    Miranda's Mirror E-Book

  • Miranda's Mirror Audiobook cover with photo of Meredith Andrews and announcement of her song So Completely.

    Miranda's Mirror Audiobook

  • My My Word of the Year Journal : Compass.

    My Word of the Year Journal : Compass

  • The cover of my My Word of the Year Journal : Feather. Blue background and blue feather in the sky. By Jill Monaco

    My Word of the Year Journal : Feather

  • Sale! Miranda's mirror activity guide.

    Miranda's Mirror Activity Guide

  • Sale! Healing from Triggers Free Guide by Jill Monaco Ministries.

    Healing From Triggers

  • Sale! The lord is the spirit and where the spirit is the lord is freedom coloring page.

    Freedom Bird Printable

  • Sale! She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of her tongue.

    Owl Printable


Your purchase supports Jill Monaco Ministries so we can create more resources for those who want to encounter the presence of God and find freedom in Christ. All prices are a suggested donation.

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