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Spiritual Abuse Summit

The Spiritual Abuse Summit

Spiritual abuse isn't new, but it's being brought to the forefront of conversations among the body of Christ.

I've walked in your shoes.  A priest abused me as a child, a pastor invited me into an affair (I said no),  and I was inappropriately touched by my boss, who was also an elder, and manipulated and controlled by leaders in a mega-church… 

I get calls and emails from others (men and women) who aren't sure if they are experiencing abuse. And once they realize it is, they aren't sure what to do. 

My most viewed blog post is about the 25 signs of Spiritual Abuse. I think it's because people are desperate to find healing.

If this is you, please register for the Summit. We will let you know when we launch. (It's free)



Why Talk About Spiritual Abuse?

It's time to not just talk about it but to heal from it.

The Spiritual Abuse Summit will address the signs of abuse so you can recognize it and be validated in your experience. You will hear from experts who will help you heal so you can learn to trust again. You'll find tools to manage your nervous system when you get triggered. And you'll be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit so you can help others.

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What Is Included?

If you've been through spiritual abuse, you've most likely been manipulated financially, emotionally, mentally, and sacrificially. So we want to serve you with no strings attached. You are welcome to support Jill Monaco Ministries so we can continue to provide ministry to those who need hope and healing. But there is no obligation. We are passionate about ministering to you and the Lord Jesus in this way. 


The summit will provide pre-recorded messages from experts in the field of spiritual abuse. You will continue to have access to the recordings to watch at a later time. 


We have a prayer team supporting this initiative behind the scenes. We will also provide prayer points and tools to help you as you seek God's presence on your own.


You will be invited into Jill Monaco Ministries' private Facebook group to continue receiving encouragement and new resources to help you on your journey.

Register to be notified when we launch.

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