Encouraging People to Pursue the Presence of God and Find Freedom in Christ


Encouraging People to Pursue the Presence of God and Find Freedom in Christ

Freedom Prayer Guide

Grab your free PDF!  Get key prayers to encounter the presence of God, hear God’s voice, and walk in freedom.

Ways To Connect With Jill

Jill Monaco Coaching a client at a desk

1:1 Freedom Coaching

Discover the transformative power of Freedom Coaching – a journey toward encountering the presence of God and finding freedom in Christ. Grounded in a solid biblical foundation and masterful coaching techniques, Freedom Coaching paves the way for the breakthrough you long for. You can focus on one thing, or sessions can be a mix of personal development, career clarification, spiritual breakthrough, relationship goals, etc.

  • Discern how God uniquely leads you
  • Identify sabotaging patterns of thought
  • Break free of the emotional dysregulation
  • Get a plan and create strategic steps to meet your goals
  • Work through wanted or unwanted transition
  • Experience spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with Jesus
  • Choose elements of the Freedom Coach Model to work on
  • Learn the Freedom Framework™ for ongoing growth
  • And much more

Freedom Coach Model

The Freedom Coach Model provides you with a customized coaching program that will meet your specific spiritual needs. In this 6-month program, Jill Monaco will lead you through  12 inner healing topics chosen explicitly for you. Using the proprietary tools created by Jill that have helped hundreds of people across the globe, you will find the freedom to be who God created you to be!

  • Encounter God’s presence
  • Learn to hear His voice with listening prayer
  • Come out of agreement with lies you’ve believed
  • Learn to love God, yourself, and others
  • Overcome fear of rejection
  • Be set free from the bondage of fear and anxiety
  • Release shame and the mistakes of the past
  • Enter into the gift of forgiveness
  • Heal from mother and father wounds
  • And much more

Freedom Certification

The Freedom Certification Training Program is a year-long program for coaches, counselors, and ministers who want to learn The Freedom Coach Model and Freedom Framework ™ in their business, ministry, or church.  Jill teaches these tools live and in a group so you are fully equipped to set captives free!

Freedom Academy

We love to help you be who God created you to be.  Inside the Freedom Academy, you’ll find audio classes, self-guided video courses, prayer guides, coaching challenges, and more. Try one of our free programs too! You’ll have access to our course portal anytime you need it.


Learn how the Freedom Certification can transform you and those you coach. 

Love well, you were made for it.

Hi friend! I’m Jill Monaco™.

I’m the creator of Freedom Coaching, a speaker, author, and podcaster who is passionate about God being glorified through you by becoming everything He created you to be.

I started Jill Monaco Ministries™, a 501(c)(3), in 2013 with a mission to encourage you to pursue the presence of God and find freedom in Christ. Because I know His love is the key to your breakthrough, my desire is to create resources for you to encounter God’s love and hear His voice in your business, relationships, and life.

God met me in such intimate and powerful ways when I was trying to heal from trauma, spiritual abuse, and my own bad choices. I want the same for you. 

Let me guess …

You aren’t sure what is keeping you stuck. Patterns of behavior or thought hold you back, yet you don’t know how to move forward. That disappointment or betrayal keeps coming to mind. You’ve wondered if you’ve messed things up too much to do anything powerful for God. You’ve experienced hurt or trauma and aren’t sure how to move through it.

I welcome you to take advantage of my free resources, listen to my podcast, read my blog, or take one of my courses. I am excited to share how you can get your spiritual breakthrough.

Everything I create here is so you can know God more intimately.  I pray that you are encouraged to pursue His presence and find freedom in Christ.

Learn more about Jill ….

“No one escapes hardship but we do get to choose to position ourselves to encounter God’s presence in the midst of it.”

Jill Monaco



Encounter the presence of God and find freedom in Christ through powerful questions and listening prayers.

An Amazon #1 best selling book by Jill Monaco

Jill’s coaching clients were asking for the breakthrough tools, prayers and questions she presented to them in their sessions. She put it all together in this 20 chapter book. You’ll be presented with a topic, questions you can ask God, a prayer and a place to journal what He reveals to you. 

Find freedom from rejection, fear, shame, hatred, lies, offenses, inner vows, judgments, spiritual heaviness and more! Develop intimacy and friendship with God.

Miranda’s Mirror

From the author Jill Monaco comes a much-needed message for kids and adults alike — a reminder that we are all created in the image of God.

Miranda is a newborn baby when her parents buy a special, gigantic mirror for her bedroom. This mirror serves as a source of fun. How cool that the person in the mirror does exactly the same movements and expressions as she does? She soon becomes a fashionista and loves seeing her creative clothing choices in the mirror. She always feels beautiful. 

But a day arrives when she realizes she looks different from her friend. Miranda wonders — does different still mean beautiful?

One day, Miranda awakens to find a sticky note attached to the mirror that reads: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Each morning brings anticipation as Miranda rushes to read the new note attached to this special mirror. As the years pass, Miranda’s insecurities dissolve. Her new identity becomes grounded and shaped by these scriptural affirmations.

But who is leaving the notes? 

Join Miranda as she solves the mystery and learns the meaning behind the notes she finds on her mirror. 

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