Andrew’s Armor


PRE-ORDER Andrew’s Armor! Help your child learn that their bravery, strength, and courage come from their identity in Christ.

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Andrew’s toy chest is filled with wonderful things — he especially loves to put on his armor which makes him feel brave and strong. He surprises his parents with his bigger-than-life presence, goes on marvelous adventures, and embraces his role as a valiant warrior.

But a moment of vulnerability challenges his belief in himself, leading him to doubt his worth. He loses his confidence and questions his strength, bravery, and courage.

Then one morning, Andrew wakes up and finds a sticky note attached to the mirror that reads: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The next day a new note is stuck to his mirror — “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage.”

Each morning begins with anticipation as Andrew rushes to read the new note attached to his mirror. As the years pass, his perspective changes as he is reminded of his true identity as a child of God through these scriptural affirmations.

But who is leaving the notes?

Join Andrew as he uncovers the mystery and learns the meaning behind the notes he finds on his mirror.

With his faith as his guide, he discovers that the greatest strength lies not in the physical armor he wears but in the unwavering love of his heavenly Father.

This captivating story will inspire young boys to embrace the transformative power of kindness, forgiveness, and serving others, revealing the true essence of strength and courage.

An Activity Guide is also included so you can encourage your child to continue to learn how their strength comes from the Lord.

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