Recommended Resources

Every ministry, blogger, coach, and speaker needs great resources to build their business. Here are some that I use and recommend. Hopefully, they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped me. I’ll keep adding to this list as I find new things I love!

Note: Some of the paid resources may be affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, the ministry may get a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the ministry so we can serve more people. Please know that I have personal experience with all of the following resources, which is why I recommend them.

My Favorite All In One!

  • Funnel Gorgeous – This is my main platform for the website, landing pages, course hosting and content, calendar, membership, and funnel builder. It replaces things like Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Mail Chimp, Calendly, and more. You can have unlimited pages, funnels, memberships, and products! The introductory rate is a game-changer! We are saving thousands of dollars a year with this one tool. If you sign up, please let me know so I can give you a free consulting session to help you get started.

Web Hosting 

  • WordPress – This is the free blogging software that I use and recommend. (Be sure to get .org and not .com because it allows you to have a plug-in on your site.)
  • Siteground – After using other popular web hosting platforms that often shut down my busy website, I found Siteground! They have excellent customer service and my site has run perfectly ever since. I won’t recommend anything else.
  • Divi Theme – The WordPress theme I use. It’s a super easy drag-and-drop that helps you design your pages easily. It also comes with sign-up forms that you can use as pop-ups, embed on a page, or below blog posts. I’ve designed my whole website without hiring a designer because Divi is so good!


  • Canva – I make everything on this software. It’s all online so I don’t need to save huge image files to my computer. The pro version lets you auto-size one design to others. It has templates, photos, fonts and so much more. I have created my e-books, blog post images, and all the design for my courses and website with this program.
  • Unsplash – There are a few places to find free-quality images. I find most of mine on Unsplash.

Email Marketing

  • Convert Kit – Many of my clients use this service which is very similar to Active Campaign. It’s popular among bloggers and influencers. They offer slightly different packages than AC but are still a worthy resource at a must more reasonable cost.

Business Tools

  • Grammarly – When you want to make sure your email, website copy, or book has great grammar! This tool allows you to load your blog an check for mistakes and gives you ideas on how to make it better. It also integrates with Canva and other online platforms so it checks as you go! You get one month free by using my link.
  • Quickbooks – I use this for our nonprofit. It’s not compatible with a Mac so I got a program called Parallels to work on my Mac and operate like a PC to run the program. But you can also get an online version.
  • AppSumo – Awesome products for entrepreneurs at huge discounts! I’ve gotten so many tools from them. The discounts are really good … some things are normally a monthly service fee but you get it for life for usually under $50.
  • Launch Cart – This program allows you to sell digital products or have your own print on demand merch store. It also has the capability to connect to other products for upsells. Super easy to use and looks professional upon checkout so you shine.

Online Payment Portals and Shopping Carts

  • Zeffy – This payment platform is for nonprofits and takes ZERO percent for processing fees. Unheard of! You can get donations, sell products, host events, offer memberships, and manage your donor database. They have beautiful and easy to use landing pages too.
  • PayPal – People are comfortable with PayPal, and they also take credit cards. I have this as one option to donate or create invoices for coaching clients. They offer a lower transaction rate for nonprofits.
  • Donorbox – Get donations by embedding the optimized form on your website. I use it on the sidebar of my blog.
  • – We use this service on our donate page as a way to offer donors a different option than PayPal. It opens up as a pop-up form. They can cover fees, pay from a credit card, or make recurring payments.
  • WooCommerce – The free e-commerce platform I use to operate the shop/store page on my site. It’s a plug-in on my WordPress site.

Video and Audio Tools

  • – I use this to record my podcasts. You get mp3, .wav, and video files. Better quality and reliability than Zoom, Skype, or Zencastr.
  • Castmagic – Turn podcast audio into ready-to-use content instantly. Upload your Mp3, then easily download show notes, summaries, highlights, quotes, social posts, & more. This is gold when it comes to saving time and preparing everything for your podcast.
  • Wavve – This program makes it easy to turn audio clips into custom-designed social videos for your social media. I use it on my Instagram to promote my newest podcast. They have a free and paid plan.
  • Zoom – This online video conferencing platform allows me to host 1:1 or group coaching calls. I can record, do breakout rooms or show my screen.
  • Libsyn – Hosting your podcast has never been easier! They are one of the most reliable platforms for podcasting. Upload, grab your link, enter it in WordPress, and it connects to all the places people listen to podcasts.

 Social Media Scheduling

  • – This program allows you to schedule everything in one place. You can even set up RSS feeds to automatically publish to your social media. I use this to push out my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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