A – Asking

Ask and you shall receive. We often say that phrase and forget it is rooted in Biblical truth. God’s Word says we don’t receive because we don’t ask, or if we do ask, we ask with the wrong motives. (James 4:3) God also says he wants us to ask so He can answer, glorifying Himself and proving we are His disciples  by our fruit. (John 15:7) Asking seems to be a big deal in God’s definition of good communication. Communication can’t happen if we aren’t spending time with Him. It would make sense then that we can’t heal without spending time asking Him.

So why don’t we ask God to heal us?  Do we not believe it’s that easy?  Why does healing from emotional hurt have to be hard?

I still do this – not asking. I will pray and ask God why questions. “Why did they do that? Why won’t you fix it?  Why is it getting worse? Why do I feel so badly when I’ve forgiven them already? Why does it still hurt? Why do I think about it every day? Why!”

I’ve discovered the one question God won’t answer is why.

Sadly it will dawn on me later that God is okay with me asking those questions but ultimately, He wants me to ask the right question with the right motive. So that He can answer and I will know that I am healed from whatever it is because He is good and not that I am righteous from my own doing. I don’t forgive because I am a good person and I don’t heal because I am a super-spiritual person. It is by His power and by His grace that I do those things.

We forgive because it is commanded by God – and it is for our good to do so. We ask because it is commanded by God  – and it is for our good to do so.

Amazingly, when I’ve simply said, “God, please heal me from (blank).” He does. My heart is restored. Sometimes it’s immediately and sometimes after conviction and confession. But, I am restored because my God loves me so much He wants me to have what is  best for me. I don’t mean healing alone is best for me, I mean that having healing through His power is best for me. But, when He does it for me it’s perfect. He knows what I need to heal and ultimately He just wants a relationship with me.

Often God asks us questions too. Those conversations are my favorite because He knows the answer and has faith that I know too. It’s in those times I find I knew the right answer all along.

Psalm 145:14 “The LORD upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down.”

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