Weddings…I just love them. You are happy even if you are crying, you end up having dinner with people you’ve never met, you spend a lot of money on a dress you only wear once, and sometimes you do the hokey pokey and enjoy it!

Mostly what I loved about being in the wedding of Krystl and Chris last weekend was that I saw the hand of God in the details of their relationship. I knew Krystl through other relationships, breakups, friendship with Chris, praying for Chris even when she didn’t know if the affections were being returned, courtship, engagement and now the big day. The day God took two people and put His favor and blessing upon them and made them one. It is an act of God that we can actually see!

What is very cool is looking back at what God did. Not just how Krystl and Chris met but how God was and is in the details of their lives. I loved telling it at their reception because it showed the power of God. He was working even when they didn’t know it or sometimes didn’t like the circumstances. I wish I had time to tell the whole story! But, the take away is this…God really delights in crafting a story for us. In their story, God caused a time of meeting but it wasn’t the right time to date. (Chris was in high school) Then He caused a time of separation but it wasn’t bad. (Krystl moved away to go to college) Then He caused a time of awakening but they couldn’t be together because of miles between them. (Krystl lived in IL and Chris in PA.) Then He brought them together but Krystl was committed to go to New Zealand. After that she didn’t have a job so could go anywhere. So, when she got back he proposed and she moved back to where it all started … in PA.

Looking back at their lives so far is like reading a great book where you say … ooh, I didn’t catch that part, let me look back and see that clue again … how did I miss it! God is so clever and creative!

For me, I am exactly in the part of the story that is being written with clues and anticipation of wondering how it will turn out. But, this book is fun because it is in real time. God is letting me read it as I go. I have no idea what story He is going to write about me. I know it will be good because He is an amazing author. I saw it with Krystl and Chris. I believe He writes perfect stories with perfect chapters and perfect endings. But, in order to have a great story, I must be patient and let this chapter be written, letting the ink dry and not wonder how many pages are left before the questions are answered and the anticipation is over. If its a good story there will be a sequel. Krystl and Chris’ wedding isn’t the end of the story just the end of a chapter.

Dresses may cost too much, people we meet we may never see again, we may regret the video of doing the hokey pokey, but one thing is for sure … God’s timing is perfect … no matter chapter we are in.

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