Texas. I now live in Texas! At first it didn’t seem any different. There is a Lowe’s, Best Buy, Starbucks and Target about a mile away from where I am living.

But, then it happened. It started innocently enough. First, a dead rat outside by the patio, a mud nest above the door (kind of bees), a few spiders on the kitchen floor. No big deal. I told myself I am sure this fairly new house was just shut up too long before I rented it. My folks were here helping me move in and they took care of the bugs – mom kinda likes to squish spiders. Dad and I just watched.

On with my day. I love getting mail … real mail … not just e-mail. But, cards take more effort in this day and age so I was so excited about getting my mail. I reached in and ouch!  Ants! And they bite! And hurt! My mailbox was full of what I now know to be red ants. They made their home in there and had taken over. So, for a few days I used a pliers to get my mail out. I would shake it to make them all fall off before taking it inside the house.

My folks left … the ants stayed. More spiders showed up. Big ones…fuzzy ones. I got used to putting my contacts in so I could see them in the morning before I walked around. One day I was too tired to deal with it so I put a glass over it until I could scoop it up.

A fly in the house, no biggie right? But they are aggressive! The one that lives with me now – well, we have words! He flies right at my face, circles my head, goes in my ear, takes a dive in my eye! I am not kidding. I asked God to take his life and even tried to say die in Jesus name! (I’m a bit worked up here…sorry.)

A few june bugs started having a party in my kitchen this week. Fewer spiders now so maybe they are eating them. And I need the spiders to eat that fly.

Then as if an angel knocked. An exterminator showed up at my front door! I guess in Texas they come out every few months to spray for all kinds of stuff.  Just in time too because yesterday, all of a sudden, I had little red spots all over my legs like mosquito bites. They don’t itch. I asked my Texas friends and they said maybe chiggers, maybe fleas.

Moving to Texas without knowing a soul has taught me to just take things in stride. This adventure will have some surprises and I hope to make friends other than the exterminator and the bugs. In any case, it sure does make you rise up to the challenge and be brave in ways you never imagined!

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