Today I took a walk. I anticipated seeing a friend and spending time together. I don’t know why, but when I walk and am surrounded by nature, I can hear God better. I prayed about a few things on my heart and the burdens others have shared with me. I praised God for so many things He has done in 2011 and things I know He will do in 2012. About half way through I ran out of things to say, so I listened. First, there was silence, like God was thinking about what to say to me … like a friend would … as if he was thinking about how to respond to my questions and observations, or how to challenge or encourage me.

Then He had me stop and look at a tree. I was almost near the end of the path where the street picked up again, and yet I felt I was not to go all the way to the end. I pondered what point He was making. I looked around at all the trees, the squirrels and birds. They were all doing their thing. The trees were still. The street nearby had people busily driving to where they needed to go. A siren sounded, and an ambulance went by, followed by a fire truck.

Then I heard, “Be still and know that I am God.” As if He had downloaded an entire sermon at once, I understood in my heart what point He was making. There is rest in this place. The trees are not striving. The animals are not striving. I feel so good when I’m walking among those that are just being what God created them to be. Surely I am made to do that too. I had to ask, how much better do people feel around me when I’m just doing what God created me to do, operating out of a place of rest?

All around that peaceful, still place there was activity and busyness. They do co-exist, but not in the exact same place. I want to rest in the Lord and be still. The world will continue to move around me, but I can walk in a place of rest. I didn’t walk to the end of the path because it led to the busy street again. It was as if He was showing me boundaries. Stay here … stay in My rest.

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