My guest today is like a soul sister with a passion for emotional health, freedom in Christ and pro-relationship! We are passionate about helping you be the best you and find a mate!

Today we are talking to the CEO of OnDaySix, Wendee Mannon. OneDaySix is a Christian dating website that really cares about helping you find someone that is right for you. She filters every new member herself! You can even choose what kind of church you attend to really narrow down the right kind of person for you. And in case you’re like….easy for her to talk to singles because she’s married … she met her husband on the site before she was CEO!

She’s also an author. Her book Love Unstuck: Be the Leading Lady. In this book, Wendee describes her unique journey of finding her husband through the perils of the Christian generation that kissed dating goodbye and into a time where God spoke to her about ‘partnering with Him’ to move towards meeting her husband. The journey included both dating and diving into her beliefs about herself, God and men all combined with an action plan to move towards that desire.

So do you hate dating websites? Never had any luck with them? Not sure how to wait on God … but also put yourself out there? Well, this episode is for you! We even pray for a release of the breakthrough of marriages to those that listen to this episode!



  • Wendee’s story of prolonged singleness and how God has given her vision to help others
  • Details of how she met her husband on the site she now runs
  • What God does with our desire to be married
  • Why she believes being married is a choice and how to partner with God for your mate
  • Why flirting is a necessary part of the process even for Christians
  • What causes way too much pressure before a first date and how to get out of that habit
  • What the church-y culture does to discourage dating and what to do about it
  • Understand what she calls a “man-plan” or “wo-man-plan” and how it’s effective to find a date
  • Her best tips for where to meet people and how to practice communicating with the opposite gender
  • Pros and cons of instant attraction
  • Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
  • Why coaching is one of our passions for singles and why it’s effective


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