I love freedom coaching because I get to help people process their own responses to outside stressors and learn to be the person God created them to be. I find this topic … learning to reconcile well, is key to having healthy relationships. We aren’t taught how to do this in school and we often learn bad habits from our family of origin. Unknowingly, we develop patterns of communication that keep us from having the relationships we desire.

If you were to look at your relationships, would you say you are pretty good at working through difficult things? Do people feel safe talking to you when they are upset with you? Are you quick to say you’re sorry and ask for forgiveness?

Or do you feel like you need some help learning how to work through conflict? Are you thinking of what you want to say next to defend yourself instead of having the focus on what the other person is saying? Do you wish you’d be better at taking things to God before anyone else?

One day I heard God speak to my heart, He said, “You have the gift of reconciliation.”When that came to my mind, I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand it. I knew that Jesus died to reconcile us to God, but how did that translate to a gift that I had? It got me thinking … That’s what Jesus did. He resolved a conflict between God and us. Jesus came so we would no longer be separated from God because of sin. He made a way to bring us back into friendly relations with God.

In this podcast episode, I share personal stories of frustration, failure and success. I also give very specific tips on how to reconcile any situation well. And how to deal with the aftermath of things not going as you hoped. I’d love to hear what part of the teaching helped you … so be sure to leave a comment on this post or tag me on social media with @jillmonaco.

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