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#044 The Power Of Your Words With Kristin Bonin

My guest today is Kristin Bonin. She is a speaker, author and has a passion to minister to women. Kristin is an author, speaker, ordained minister and blogger. If you talk to her you quickly learn of her love for Scripture and how she leans into for practically living a supernatural life. Kristin writes and speaks using her challenges, struggles and lessons the Lord is teaching her along the way. Unafraid to get messy, she considers herself a transparently flawed Bible teacher with a love of theology. Kristin is an on-the-go mom of girls. She and her husband, Chris are stationed just outside of Houston, Texas.

Have you ever said something and wished you could take it back? Or saw how they unintentionally hurt someone? Or maybe you find you’re critical of yourself. We know we need to guard our hearts and minds in Christ … and we know we need to be careful of how we use our words. It’s easy to be convicted of harsh words, gossip or slander. But there is one thing that we don’t often talk about – flattery. Do you struggle with any of these things? How can we use our words for good? What does the Scripture say about the power of our words? Join us for a discussion where we laugh at ourselves, reveal our own struggles and find Jesus in the midst of repentance. For such a serious topic, we sure do have fun on this podcast. I pray you are encouraged by our conversation.



  • How God used her hidden season to prepare her for the busy one
  • Why flattery is a manipulating sin but also shows a need to be significant and not trusting God
  • How you can use your words to strengthen yourself
  • Pitfalls of using our words
  • What we lose by having loose lips
  • How to judge if you are using your words correctly or not
  • How we can affirm people for who God made them to be not just what they do
  • How to attract encouragement from others with your words without manipulating
  • How to declare words over your situation that gives life
  • The promises God gives if you submit your words to Him
  • Her encouragement to be bold with your words


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