Lisa Anderson is my guest today … and I can’t wait for you all to get to know her. Honestly she should do all the talking because she’s witty and smart and has a really cool radio voice. Lisa Anderson is director of young adults for Focus on the Family, the world’s leading Christian organization dedicated to helping families thrive. She manages Boundless, Focus’ ministry for young adults, with the goal of helping 20- and 30-somethings grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family.

Lisa is the author of The Dating Manifesto: A Drama-Free Plan for Pursuing Marriage with Purpose and hosts “The Boundless Show,” a national radio program and weekly podcast, where she leads discussions on timely issues and volunteers far too much information from her personal life. Which I love. She interviewed me for the podcast last year as well.

Lisa is also single – hello single men! I’m happy to take applications .. because after this podcast I’m sure many of you are going to want to ask for her contact information.

Speaking of singleness… today Lisa and I are going to have a conversation about it. We are going to talk about the common questions we hear from the singles we minister to but we are also going to be super real about our own struggles with being single. I’m not sure if people think about that … we are leading singles but want to be married too. We encourage singles but need encouragement too. Granted we laugh more than cry about it these days … but it’s totally possible to be content in this stage of life and still deeply desire marriage. You will learn my greatest fear when it comes to talking publicly about singleness. Lisa will share plenty of funny stories about living with her single mom. And be sure to stay to the end when she shares the one thing she’s learned about loving people well.

So if you are single – this is a must hear podcast. And if you are married, you will be enlightened about how you can help your single friends. And if you just want to laugh a little … join us.



  • What leaders of singles ministries (who are single) struggle with in their own singleness.
  • Jill’s greatest fear about being single in the public eye.
  • How Lisa shares too much on dates.
  • What we think of online dating these days.
  • How to trust God in your singleness besides just … do it.
  • What identity has to do with dating.
  • What God said to me when I failed in a relationship.
  • Hilarious quotes from Lisa’s mom.


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