Have you ever struggled to love yourself? Maybe you aren’t sure what makes you special or really understand what it means to see yourself as God sees you? Do you have trouble being authentically you?

My guest today is Natasha Bure. Natasha is a 21-year-old actress, social media influencer, singer, YouTuber, and author. She has appeared in films such as Hallmark’s Switched for Christmas, Faith, Hope, Love, and her upcoming film, Home Sweet Home. She is the author of her book “Let’s Be Real,” giving tips and advice for young girls going through the teen years. 

Natasha is going to share about living authentically and how to be the best version of yourself. We will talk about the pressure to be someone you’re not and what to do about it. Especially in a social media-saturated world. We also chat about how she learned from her parents (Candice Cameron Bure.) how to be herself and how she hopes to help teens embrace who they are in her book, Let’s Be Real. 

We also talk about her new movie Home Sweet Home .. which I’ve had a chance to preview. It’s a sweet story of a young woman discovering who she is. The spring 2020 release is a faith-driven romantic film for all ages. The film also stars actor, model Ben Elliott (The Lying Game-ABC Family TV series). She plays the flirtatious barista Victoria who is bored with her social butterfly lifestyle and longs for real love. When handsome Jason walks into her coffee shop, she turns on the charm, but he doesn’t respond to her flirting like men usually do. When she discovers that he runs a ministry that builds affordable housing, she decides to volunteer.

Victoria shows up to volunteer looking more like a model than a construction worker. She quickly realizes that it’s not going to be easy to fit in with this crew of experienced workers or to get Jason to ask her out on a date. When he proves to be immune to her tried-and-true techniques, Victoria is nonplussed. Since flirting is not going to work on this guy, she researches both “how to act like one of them, a Christian,” and “how to build a house,” so she can give the appearance of belonging. Her new approach gains her some ground until she meets the single mom who will own the house they’re building, her eyes are opened. Jason is there to serve others, while she has just been getting in the way.

I hope you enjoy the chat with Natasha!


What We Talk About In This Episode

  • Why she’s passionate about being authentic and real
  • How she tries to be herself in the midst of the pressures of social media
  • What you can expect when you watch her new movie, Home Sweet Home
  • One of the main pitfalls for Christians searching for identity
  • The comparison trap and what to do about it
  • How the film’s message of being yourself transcends generations

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