Are you longing for a community that extends kindness, true friendship, mentorship, and generosity? How would your life change if that was more normal than not in your life? 

My guests today created a community to fill that need. Kristin Demery, Julie Fisk, and Kendra Roehl are three friends whose lives are intertwined as writers, speakers, wives, moms, and world-changers. They believe in the immense power of authentic community and of intentionally living one’s faith out loud through simple acts of kindness.

These powerful women invite others into the conversation through what they call the Ruth Experience – a growing online community of women looking for good friends. It’s where women go to share their real and raw stories, gain encouragement, and find belonging. have also written a series of books on kindness, generosity, failure, struggle, loss, a longing for true friendship and an unwavering desire to live intentionally through it all.

I have a feeling so many of you are listening to this and saying amen. How can you get connected to a group of women that believe kindness is key to thriving in life? Take a listen to this week’s podcast. 



What We Talk About In This Episode

  • How the Ruth Experience got birthed and is changing lives among women in their local area
  • Why walking with other women and mentors can change everything
  • How random acts of kindness became a devotional and ideas for how to be kind every day
  • Their new devotional to encourage your friendships (with God, co-workers, and others)
  • And for tween girls …
  • The importance of personal interaction especially in our online world
  • What they believe God is calling the body of Christ to in this season
  • Why the outrage culture isn’t serving the unity of the body well

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