After much prayer and excitement, my first book, the FREEDOM COACH MODEL is available!

Have you ever felt stuck in your career, love life, or walk with God? Do you have dreams you want to achieve but feel something is holding you back?

Often these stuck places are because we have limiting beliefs, lies we believe about ourselves, unhealed places in our soul because of mother or father wounds, or fear of rejection in our lives.

In this book, I give you 20 different tools (a combination of prayers and questions) to help you in various areas of your life. One of my favorite sections in the book is the chapter on Friendship Questions. I give you 60 things you can ask God to develop a more intimate relationship with Him. You will enjoy hearing God and soaking in His presence.

I originally created this book for my clients who wanted to pray through the prayers they did with me during their coaching sessions. Since each session is part coaching and part ministry, I tried to compile the most common needs and the most common questions into one resource.

Now, you can go through the coaching questions and prayers on your own!

Don’t miss the freebies that come when you purchase it this week from Amazon. You must purchase between November 1-6 and send a receipt to

You’ll receive:

  • A free download printable art by Jody Lawrence
  • Enrollment in a private Facebook group where I’ll coach you through the month of November.
  • For bulk orders of 15 books or more, you get a free coaching session with me!

There are a ton of reviews on Amazon already:

“For freedom seekers, The Freedom Coach Model is the tool where practicality and spirituality align. Walk with Jill Monaco as she provides hands-on guidance through freedom prayers which will draw you into a rich encounter with God. Learn how to walk by the Spirit and live in ongoing freedom beginning today.”  Courtney Cohen, Author of Refining Identity & Chronic Healing

“When I went to read this book, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I simply thought it would be a great tool to have as I continue developing in where God has called me. This book was a phenomenal in-depth look at my life and challenged me to dig deep into understanding who God is in my life and how I strive to live out the love and freedom He has given me to share. This book challenged me to look into the small details of life and find the books and crannies, along with the big things I still struggle with when it comes to life, work, and relationships. I enjoyed this read and would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience even more of God’s love and freedom in their life.” – Amazon Customer

“This book is more than just a Bible study, more than a devotional, more than a to-do list. Jill has created an intimate walk through breaking the chains that bind you which allows for a fuller, deeper walk with God. The barriers to a rich prayer life are taken down brick by brick with thought-provoking questions that allow the reader to thoughtfully consider where they are and where they want to be. There is space to journal your responses or to write down the whispers of the Holy Spirit. There are 20 different topics, each with questions, journaling space, and prayer prompts. I found the questions to be incredibly helpful in breaking through old habits, which allowed the reader to move forward in freedom toward the life God has designed. In my counseling practice, I often see people who aren’t sure how to free themselves from bad habits, painful memories, or the pain that life in a sinful world brings. I will be able to use The Freedom Coach Model to help them move forward. It is a great resource to use as homework from a counseling standpoint. I highly recommend this book, especially to counselors and pastors.” – Michele Pope Welch

I hope you are able to get this book, and it blesses you on your journey to freedom!


Thank you for all you’ve done to support me and the ministry over the years. I’m so very grateful.


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