So, I've had a few of you ask when I would start writing again. My life has been nuts this year!  I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog but hope to get to writing again in June.

Why can't I write more now you ask? Well, I am building the OneVerse artist program for The Seed Company – that has been such a blessing. I've made many new friends and seen God work in amazing ways. We are trying to solidify some fall tours and that is keeping me a bit busy!

I can't believe I've been in Texas a year already. I am moving at the end of the month too. That is a cool story… I was looking for a place to rent since I wasn't sure if I would be in Dallas long. With the way the program is shaping up, I could be moving to Nashville. Every possible new roommate or place to rent on my own had a closed door. Finally it dawned on me that God may be shutting the doors and I should ask Him why! It came to my mind that if God wanted me to rent a room from someone I needed to be open to that. Having given up my family, friends, church and my townhouse a year ago, the only thing familiar to me are my belongings. Letting go of all that is familiar and living out of a suitcase wasn't my first idea of “cool.”  When I'm on the road, living out of hotels, I love coming home to what I know.

So, I said, “Ok God. If you want me to put all my stuff in storage and rent a room from someone I will need those blue moving blankets so I can protect my furniture.” The next day I helped the new VP of The Seed Company and his wife move into their new home. Wycliffe had a moving division and I got to talking to the driver. He said they were shutting down that division and this was one of their last moves. He filled my car with those blue moving blankets! I had to laugh. Minutes later I was telling a woman I work with, “Well, God has made it really clear I'm putting everything in storage. But, I have no idea where I'm living in 30 days!”  She said, “We are heading to Asia next month, why don't you house sit for us until the end of August?” Within 12 hours God made it really clear! Saving money for the summer is a bonus too! It will be the first time in a long time I won't have bills! Oh joy!  Freedom!

So, now I'm packing for storage and packing for 3 months or am I? Who knows what God will do come August. But, I know I can trust Him!

A few weeks before this provision I was taking a walk and praying about some uncertainties in my life. I was concerned about an outcome that made me feel like I was in a box without choices or influence. It was totally out of my hands. I knew I wasn't trusting God but didn't know how to change how I felt other than confess it as sin and beg God to fix me! I felt like God said, “Jill, no matter what I do you will be ok with it.”  Ever have a “duh” moment? That was mine for this year.

So, the theme of my year has been two fold. One, “God is for me.” And second, “His will be done.” I can't tell you how that has changed how I pray! When I'm facing an uncertainty I just start praising Him saying, “You are FOR me!” And “Your will be done God! Whatever You want.”

There is such freedom in that prayer – freedom from the familiar and freedom from uncertainties.  God gave me limitations and yet I feel totally free! The icing on the cake is freedom from bills!

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