Another Christmas survived – still single.

Another Valentines Day coming up – still single.

Are you tired of asking God to let you meet your mate before the next holiday that highlights your singleness?

Are you hopeful that this is THE YEAR!?

Are you bargaining with God so He will allow you to meet that special someone?

Or are you discouraged because you can’t figure out why you are still single?

I truly believe God wants to do something special for singles.

For many of you – that is marriage!

  • He wants to show you what is keeping you from finding the relationship you want.
  • He wants to show you great and mysterious things you do not know.
  • He wants to prepare you to be an amazing wife because He knows you have so much to give.
  • He wants to show you how valuable you are right now as a single but also the great treasure you are for your future spouse.

And so much more!

As a Freedom Coach, I work with so many singles who are working through the hard things from their past. Things like wounds from past relationships, regrets from choices they made and even healing from things done against them. I have seen God do amazing things through the tools He’s given me. But more important than any tool, is the living and active Word of God that is the foundation of all my coaching.

The first time God prompted me to help single women prepare for marriage, 99% of them got engaged in the next year! Since then, I’ve led this course online and at a live event and the testimonies are incredible! I have the same urgency in my spirit as the last time. I must prepare those of you that He has already determined this is your year for meeting your mate!

So, I decided to discount my coaching and add a ton of bonuses for FREE!

I created From Looking To Loving just for you!

This group program will consist of 4 modules. You get an activation workbook, weekly tools to dig deeper, a private Facebook group with other bonuses, a special guest speaker and much more!

It is a mix of coaching, mentoring, teaching and activations. I will show you the four things that keep you from having the relationship you want. I will reveal what the Word has to say about those things and encourage you to use the tools to activate your faith!

After each week, you will walk away inspired and convicted. But you will also walk away with a powerful encounter with God that will empower you to have a more vibrant life.

Now that is what is attractive!

I don’t know if I will offer this program again so don’t miss what God is doing for singles this year. This program is valued at over $1500 but I felt like I needed to make it affordable so everyone could be a part of it.

It’s just $197.00!


As a family, we like to share things with those we love. So feel free to share this link with your friends so they can join this amazing program special too.

Go ahead – join this new program at the crazy reduced price right now!


I look forward to seeing your name pop up in the program!

Don’t wait until the spots are filled up. Sign up today!

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