I am going to write a series the next few weeks on HEALING. What does it mean to heal God’s way? God uses at least 7  things that draw us into emotional and spiritual healing by His power and grace. Engage in the relationship with Christ to find victory from the evil one that wants you to stay in the hurts of the past. He knows if you do, you will be tied to defeat and grow a strong bitter root that cuts you off from fellowship with others and with the most merciful Savior.

Healing takes 7 things:

H – Honesty

E – Eagerness

A – Asking

L – Love

I – Illumination

N – Non Negotiables

G – Godliness

Starting today with the first one:  Honesty

Often we think of being honest as speaking truth. Not telling lies. But, in all honesty … honesty is making sure your actions, words and attitudes are in line with God’s truth. That we are not just honest with our mouths to each other, but to God in our hearts. God will not be mocked – He knows if our words are the same as our thoughts or hearts. Are we honest in our prayers? In order to heal from junk from your past, you need to reconcile with the ONE who knows you full well.

People will always fail you, but God will never leave you or forsake you.  If you are hanging onto a hurt, it just may be because you have not honestly worked it out with God. Do you blame Him for letting it happen to you?  Are you honest with God about your hurt? Are you honest with God about your part? Are you honest with God about your expectations?

Once we are honest with God we can examine how we interact with others. Are we people of integrity with our work, friendships, enemies, families and with strangers? Does your mouth mirror your heart? One example is avoiding conflict. It is a common issue for Christians. It is a Christian-like thing to do to let it go, over look the offense, and forgive. I’m all for that! However, if once you’ve brought this hurt before the Lord you still can’t let it go then you need to go to that person. If we don’t speak truth to our brothers and sisters in Christ we are not loving them at all. Time and time again I’ve witnessed separation in the body of Christ because someone allowed a division to stand. The enemy is thrilled when we separate because he is the deceiver and liar. He hates honesty.

So begins the healing process … honest with God and honest with others.

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