I have so many amazing entrepreneur and ministry friends that are doing so many good things. I had a call with one of them the other day. She was discouraged by the lack of support she felt from me. I was so grieved because I had no idea. I’m so glad she called me to tell me what she needed from me. I thought I was a good friend … but was so wrapped up in my own business, I had not been as supportive outwardly and much as I was cheering her on inwardly.

I was also grieved because I knew exactly how she felt. I felt the same way at times.

It was a reminder to me that entrepreneurs are serving without a lot of recognition and doing most of the work either with a very little team or totally alone.

Can you relate?

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Gal 6:9

I wanted to share some encouragement in some areas you may grow weary.

1) Casting vision

Often times casing vision is a repetitive thing. We get support and excitement at first but have to recast it again after it’s not exciting for anyone anymore. Volunteers may not be called to the mission for more than a season, but the founder or leader is … so not everyone will care as passionately as you. If they leave (with or without an announcement) be gracious. Or evaluate (and ask them if you can) why they left. You may learn something you didn’t know and find a way to be better. But always, always, be thankful for the excitement and support they gave you at one time.

2) Taking on all the risk

The mental effort and prayer that goes into a project, program, event, book launch, or whatever is not only financially risky but it’s also a emotional risk. What if no one likes or appreciate it? The investment you give is always going to be more than others realize. So don’t be disappointed if they don’t get it. Also, don’t be offended by those that take and take without appreciation, giving back or pat on the back. They don’t realize the risk you took to bring them something amazing. Then there are others that do understand but maybe aren’t saying.

3) Working hard

As an entrepreneur the work load is heavy. It’s always more than you anticipate or others understand. Similar to #2 we need to remember no one will ever realize what you did to birth the baby or keep it alive. Others may have an idea because they’ve done it themselves, but they won’t ever be able to affirm you as much as you may want. You will do most of the work yourself until you make more money to hire staff. Even then you will do more. It’s part of the entrepreneur deal. If you are weary, get some rest. Take time off. Recharge. Be with people that give you life. Laugh. Sleep. Eat well.

 “Jill, you aren’t seeing who cares and who doesn’t but who is good at communicating at times like this and who isn’t.”  God

You’ve been called to a strategic thing in the Kingdom. You have been found worthy of the assignment already. What you carry is needed. The enemy wants to discourage you and get you to quit. He will make you feel dumb, isolated, unappreciated, embarrassed, a burden or a list of other negative things. If it’s negative it’s not from God. If you had faith like a mustard seed to start … then all you need to do is protect it so God can water it and make it grow. You are the steward. The overseer.

I see you and I support you. And so does God.

If you know someone that needs this please tag them by sharing their business or ministry in the comments here or on my Facebook page. Here are other ways you can support those who are leading a God-given initiative:

  • Promote their business or ministry on your social media
  • Give them your time by volunteering
  • Give them money and resources (especially if it’s a non profit)
  • Send them a personal note of encouragement
  • Love them in their love language: give words of affirmation, give gifts, do something as an act of service, give them a hug, or just spend quality time with them.

We support one another because it’s not about them but it is about advancing the Kingdom. When you support someone you are actually joining hands with God. Because what they are trying to do is express what God put in them. We aren’t meant to do things alone. We are meant for fellowship. I promise you … with all the people I talk to … the greatest need for those in leadership is to be encouraged to stay the course.

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