I had the perfect date last night. He planned the whole night and wouldn’t tell what we were going to do beforehand. The night before he told me one hint that made me excited for our date. But, that one thing was brief and he wouldn’t elaborate. Geez! Oh, and he made a point to say he didn’t want me to give him anything. All he asked for was my attention.

My valentine had made a story book for our date. As he read me this love story, he intertwined details about our relationship. I was not only intrigued by the story line but overwhelmed by how his sees me. We reminisced about how we met. We smiled when we thought of how when we first met we couldn’t get enough of each other. We spent every second together and neither of us felt smothered. We laughed as we remembered how we shared every thought we had about each other. I was definitely mushy and he was constantly flattering me. We even talked about times that were hard in our relationship – when I would push him away. I usually did that because I was hurt. He has always been amazing and I’ve been the “high maintenance” one!

I’m going to tell you more about our date night in a different post. I want to tell you about the hint he gave me the night before – because it’s so very fun!  Then tomorrow’s post will make more sense. And I leave you in anticipation!

I asked him a question and he answered before I even finished my sentence.  So, I said, “How did you know what I was going to ask? I hadn’t even finished yet.” He said, “Jill, real intimacy is knowing you so well you don’t even have to finish your sentence before I know what you are saying.” Ok, let me pause here and say this is just the best!

Are you wondering what question I asked? I asked, “Will I ever be married? If yes, please tell me where I can find the verse in Song of Solomon that says, I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

He interrupted me somewhere in the middle of all that. He quickly said, “6:2.”

For all those people who are great at memorizing Scripture – you will know that the verse I was asking about was Song of Solomon 6:3 not 6:2. My valentine didn’t answer me wrong. He did two things at once. He said yes by showing me where it was in my Bible. That is enough to be happy about the day before Valentines Day!  But, he also showed me he wanted to give me more than one answer to one question.  He wanted to show me where we were at in our relationship. That is what 6:2 is about.

And that is where I’ll pick up in my next post … continuing the details about my date on Valentines Day.

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