There have been many times I've gone to God and asked Him how to get the word out about what we are doing through the ministry. Not just what He is doing through me personally but through the many great writers I have contributing at Single Matters. He always reminds me of how pleased He is when we are faithful in the small things. I can't see what He is doing and He got His will done way before social media came along. God has a way of encouraging me when I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. Success doesn't look like more followers or hits on a website although that is nice. It looks like impact through changed lives because they encountered love through Jesus Christ.

And God is faithful to do His part …

I was recently interviewed by author John Greco for an article on Boundless (a ministry of Focus on the Family) and was asked to share about what singles need from their church and how to start a singles ministry.  I'm sure there are many other people that are better equipped and have more experience in singles ministry than me … so it was such an honor to contribute in this small way.

Here are a few quotes from the piece. Be sure to read the full article and share what God is doing through Boundless and Single Matters

When I asked Jill Monaco for young adult ministry tips, I was expecting her to offer up a unique set of tools — a paradigm distinctively suited for reaching singles in their 20s and 30s. What I received instead were the convictions of a woman who is passionate about helping post-college adults grow closer to Jesus Christ.  ~ John Greco

And …

I see a great need for singles to connect in the same way married people connect — both socially and spiritually. Yet in most churches, there are more opportunities for married people. If the church doesn't provide opportunities for singles, I believe young people are more likely to make unhealthy connections or to isolate themselves. Both options yield fruit that is unhealthy, affecting the foundation of family in our society — because those singles often get married and bring their unhealthy habits into those new relationships. ~ Jill Monaco

And …

What we believe in our hearts about ourselves, about God, and about others comes from knowing who we are in Christ,” Jill says. “We act out of those beliefs. We teach others from those beliefs, too. So if we aren't looking to God for our identity, then we can't make disciples for Jesus — because we aren't experiencing that same discipleship in our own hearts. ~ Jill Monaco



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