I’ve had second thoughts about sharing my intimate night with my valentine with you … First, I thought out of all the amazing things he said to me how do I pick just one thing to share? Then I thought, what is one thing I’m willing to share? Finally I thought – why the heck did I decide to write this and share anything?

One of the biggest takeaways from my time with my valentine was the turning point in the story. Like any good love story there was a time of encounter, a time of bliss, a situation that has a potential for separation and then a resolution. That resolution brought a tighter bond in the end – happily ever after! But, that time between conflict and resolution is like a pivot point. When I watch movies it’s the point where I’m rooting for the couple to get back together. As I watch them work it out my blood pressure goes up and I hope they get it! I was nearly about to focus on my mistakes in the journey but my valentine wanted to focus on the turning point – the pivot point.

Just to provide some background to the story my valentine read me – the girl had turned her love away and now was only remembering the things she so dearly loved about him. She was desperately looking for him. Her friends even offered to help. When they asked if she knew where he was she said yes. He went back to where they first fell in love. She knew he wasn’t despising her because if he did he wouldn’t go back to their special place. The way she REACTED highlighted her maturity – the turning point.

I was stuck by the difference between something the girl character in story said in the beginning vs the turning point:

Beginning: Song of Solomon 2:16 “My beloved is mine, and I am his; he grazes among the lilies”

Turning point: Song of Solomon 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine; he grazes among the lilies.”

Her reality drastically changed because she had different lenses. Her reaction to the separation in their relationship showed a maturity because of how she viewed the relationship. She went from owning something to being owned. From declaring he is mine to I am his. She changed the way she was thinking. He didn’t change. He was grazing among the lilies both times. I sense she knows she is secure in that relationship – that brings freedom in the circumstances. She valued things she was previously taking for granted all because her lenses changed. She didn’t have to worry where he was or what he was doing.  This is the point of maturity. It’s a turning point in her story … and mine.

I am the Lord’s – my valentine. My maturity in the thoughts about my singleness came because of a maturity in knowing who’s I am. (those “mature” thoughts will have to wait for another post!)

In the days following this time with my valentine – God has drawn me to himself to tell me more about my husband. Not because he has withheld in the past but because I’ve entered into knowing whose I am. In His presence is truth and life. Knowing where I stand gives me perspective on everything! He has directed me to look at what he is saying about that subject.

But, as in any relationship – not all things should be broadcast in a blog. So….this story is ending on a cliff hanger.

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