I went to meet with God today by the ocean. I came to my favorite spot and took in the majesty of God’s hand. In that kind of awesomeness all I could say was, “Good morning God.” I didn’t know how much I needed His rest until I sat there and I was excited to hear from Him.

As I walked on along the ocean and towards the ranch I came across a new bench overlooking the ocean. If you know me I was very excited! “Ah,” I said to myself, “check out the new bench!” On it there was an epitaph from a family to their beloved Beatrice that read, “One earth, one chance.” Of all the things they could’ve written I wondered why that? I was challenged to think about what I am doing with this one chance for the Lord. We do have one life to choose Christ and to serve Him. I thought about some situations in my life that need wisdom and I don’t know what to do. I choose to focus on Him instead of the circumstance. I found myself surrendering my desires for this life to Him. Sure, I’ve done this before, but new circumstances come up and I am naturally bent to give in to my will and not His. I was surrendering to the unknown. Just agreeing that I don’t know what He is doing and finding freedom in that instead of bondage.

I walked away from that bench feeling like I made a decision and as I moved on this worship song came on my ipod. I stood on a huge rock overlooking the ocean to the west, the ranch to the east. Everywhere I looked was God’s powerful right hand. I didn’t really care who saw me. I put my hands in the air, worshipping God, feeling the sun and breeze off the ocean. I thought this is so symbolic of how God sets us on a solid rock when we trust Him. Surrounded by His power and in the center of His presence. Ah….

Verse 1:
I’ve been here before waiting in the mystery.
I’ve knocked on this door enough times to know that you’re there for me.
My knees on the floor hoping for some clarity.
Knowing on thing’s for sure his grace has covered me.

Lord open the doors ‘cause I’m movin’ on faith.
Show me there’s more than what this world is livin’ for.

Verse 2:
With what I can give it’s the least that I can do.
An unshakable hope a life that’s pleasing to you.
Knowing my prayers are heard my the author of change.
Just the best of intentions if he cares, if he cares, if he cares to rearrange.

In these times when I feel alone, I know my heart was made
For another home.

I walked a few miles down the trail on the ranch enjoying the peace of walking in faith, knowing He desires to give me clarity, He hears my prayers – He is the author of change so I must submit to His idea to rearrange my life. My discomfort is because I was not meant to be here forever, there is so much more than what I can see right now. I had such excitement of what He has in store.

By God’s grace, He has given me more than one chance in so many areas of my life, but we don’t know that upfront. We need to not be lazy or apathetic or rely on the grace of God like we are entitled to it. The rest of your surroundings are just the manifestation of His glory for you to enjoy, to choose, to praise Him for, and sometimes to push through when it’s hard. But, our circumstances are created by Him too. Colossians says all things were created by him, through him and for him. Jeremiah says, he knows the plans he has for you, to give you a hope and a future. Being in the center of His will has more to do with you being in His presence than in a certain circumstance or surrounding. He is everywhere…where ever you go and no matter what you can see.

But, for me today, it all started with entering His rest, not having an agenda, saying good morning God, what do You want to say to me today?

Photo courtesy of Royce Bair via Flicker

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