Earlier this year I was faced with a reality of having a big birthday. (I still can’t write the number) In one of my quiet times with the Lord I was processing all I’ve done and not done for the Lord. I remember passionately praying, “God, I don’t want to waste my life. What did you create me to do? I am single and can go anywhere … send me!! Send me!!” I meant it, I wanted to spend the bulk of my day (because we do spend so much time at work right?) doing something I felt created to do. I like my job, I think I’m good at most of it, I love my co-workers, I love my church, love the ministry I am privileged to do, I have a beautiful townhouse, all my family lives here in the Chicago area … so who am I to complain about being discontent? But, in my spirit I knew I was playing it safe but I wrestled with being comfortable too.

Soon after that God allowed some discomfort to come into my life and I started to pray, “God, I can’t get wrapped up in this wordly stuff, get me in the center of Your will because I am stubborn enough to think You are refining me and on the other hand not strong enough to make a change on my own.” God was so good to allow me to see my comforts and my discomforts. And although they seem like opposites, they each caused me to be open to whatever God wanted for my life.

Then as only God can do … He weaved together a series of events in my life that started a year ago. I went to a conference last year for leaders and at that conference was a ministry called One Verse. They are a part of the Seed Company that is a part of Wycliffe Bible Translators. I sponsored one verse to be translated into a people group called the TUA people. Over the past year I have prayed for them as I received the newsletters and updates. I felt such a passion for the over 2,286 language groups that are without any part of a Bible in their language.

While talking to my brother, who recently came to Christ (praise GOD!), he suggested I write them an email and see if I could partner with them in any way. That email led to some conversations. Then a friend of mine ran into the person who started One Verse and mentioned my name. I was watching God weave details together that I could not have dreamed or manufactured myself. God was doing the work! And He started at least this portion a year ago … before I even prayed about it.

So, this week I accepted a job working for the Seed Company. I will be moving to the Dallas area (Arlington, TX) by mid May. I’ll be working with the One Verse team in reaching people like you and me to sponsor one verse – either through churches or concerts. And organizing the events for the development team where they host donors that want to partner in Bible translation. Both areas are newly being developed so much of my job is going to be made up on the fly. I feel like Abraham being called into a a land I do not know.

So, off I go … being sent to Texas … pray for me to glorify God in this important work. There is much work to be done in Bible Translation. Over 196 million people need God’s Word. The mission is to get God’s Word into every language in this generation. I am excited that God is calling me to be a part of this important work.

God, thank you for sending me …

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