In 2013-2014 I traveled across the United States in what I called the Kingdom Expression Experiment. I documented the trip with video and blogs. I’m on the road again in what I sometimes call my second missionary journey. I hope you enjoy the short stories of people I’ve met along the way. Follow me on Facebook to see photos and hear more testimonies of all God does to bring healing and freedom to those I meet. 

I met with someone I knew when I was in the Nashville Christian music industry for dinner a few nights ago. She wanted to hear about how God speaks to me, details about the journey I’ve been on across the US the last couple of years, Freedom Coaching and prayer. After we ate and as we sat in her car Jesus walked her though an encounter with Him. I often hear, “Is this what you do? It’s really cool.” Sometimes people just need someone else to introduce them to what intimacy with Jesus looks like in the way that resembles how we interact with each other. Talking, listening, getting perspective … Even people who have walked with God for a long time need encouragement that God is still very much interested in taking their relationship to a new level.

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