In 2013-2014 I traveled across the United States in what I called the Kingdom Expression Experiment. I documented the trip with video and blogs. I’m on the road again in what I sometimes call my second missionary journey. I hope you enjoy the short stories of people I’ve met along the way. Follow me on Facebook to see photos and hear more testimonies of all God does to bring healing and freedom to those I meet. 

Lately, as I walk through the streets or dine alone I sense God’s love for all those people around me. I could walk up to nearly anyone and share the love God has for them. Today I heard a woman complaining on the phone, two people at a table sharing frustrations about a situation, a homeless man grunting “Grr…Oh God” over and over. People need to know the love of God. Sometimes I don’t say anything to people but smile and take a little longer before looking away. I’ve learned while going about my business I need to pay attention to God’s business. We release something in the spirit when we walk in peace, rest and joy. So although I may not say anything at all … I release those things into the atmosphere. What we carry leaks out if we know it or not.

Photo courtesy of Andi Campbell-Jones via Ficker.

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