In 2013-2014 I traveled across the United States in what I called the Kingdom Expression Experiment. I documented the trip with video and blogs. I’m on the road again in what I sometimes call my second missionary journey. I hope you enjoy the short stories of people I’ve met along the way. Follow me on Facebook to see photos and hear more testimonies of all God does to bring healing and freedom to those I meet.  I had a few Freedom Coaching clients yesterday so I didn’t get to eat and I was totally talked out. It finally stopped raining so I walked to downtown Pasadena, CA to get food and get some recharge time. I watched this young gal try to talk to people passing by about whatever flyer she had in her hand. She wasn’t having any success. When I walked by I just said, “You’re doing a great job.” And kept on my way. On the way back she and another young lady were still trying to hand out something. (Enter Holy Spirit. He is persistent.) I stopped to encourage her and prophesy to her that “even if everyone rejects you God will get the one you are meant to reach today.” (I didn’t know anything about what she was doing yet.) She thanked me and I learned they are part of a women’s home that ministers/disciples women out of jail or the street. It’s a room and board facility that also has a one-year-curriculum that includes healing damaged emotions, freedom from addictions/depression, goal setting etc from a Biblical perspective. Over 40 women are there now. 

One gal (Ashley) was an alcoholic before 19, used every drug (heroin, meth, cocaine). She’s concerned she will relapse again although she is so happy to be where she is and wants to be free forever. The other gal just got out of jail and hasn’t seen her daughter (Destiny) in a year because the dad kidnapped her. She doesn’t know where they are right now. They both had the joy and peace of the Lord upon them. You couldn’t see any residue of pain or a hard life on them. I prayed and prophesied over them about their destiny. The both smiled big when I said what they hoped to do in the future. And Lord willing, I will be going by the house next week to serve the other women. I thought I was done ministering for the day and yet the Holy Spirit must have been laughing at me …”your best assignment is still to come!” Just when we are “done” we should be open to just “one” more. Because that one (or in this case two) may be the ones that bless you. Would you please pray for Ashley and the other gal whose name has left me? Thanks! Photo courtesy of Andi Campbell-Jones via Ficker.

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