In 2013-2014 I traveled across the United States in what I called the Kingdom Expression Experiment. I documented the trip with video and blogs. I’m on the road again in what I sometimes call my second missionary journey. I hope you enjoy the short stories of people I’ve met along the way. Follow me on Facebook to see photos and hear more testimonies of all God does to bring healing and freedom to those I meet. 

I went into a store because I needed some white pants. (I took a lot of clothes with me but forgot those for summer!) I entertained myself with dreams of buying a few things and having a new outfit for summer. A lady helped me by getting a smaller size (love it when you misjudge in that way). She wasn’t super attentive but not in a rude way … more in a distracted way.

When I was at the check out I asked her how she was today. She said she had a migraine – it started the night before and was scheduled to work a 12-hour shift but didn’t think she could do it. We chatted about her kids and she asked about why I had a Texas driver’s license. I explained the journey I was on doing ministry as the Lord leads. She told me about how she was a single mom because her husband left her. She blessed me in my ministry to singles through Single Matters. We had time to chat because no one was in the store.

Before I left I offered to pray for her to feel better. She was eager to get prayer. I put my hand on her head and silently waited upon the Spirit of the Lord. I started praising Him for his goodness and power. I thanked Him for His presence and asked that He come upon her. I declared healing in the name of Jesus. But mostly … I was quiet and still. I sensed the Holy Spirit and asked her if she felt it too. My hand was tingly and she said her head was light. I then sensed she had a creative project she put on hold but now it was time to bring it back out. God was going to help her do it … and she’d see great fruit from it this year. She told me about how years ago when she was single she wrote some children’s books and now that she is remarried to someone that does illustrations they have been talking about publishing them.

A few days later got this note from her in an email: “Hi Jill, what a divine appointment! My migraine went away, and I felt amazing for the rest of the day. God is so into the details, and the way that he puts people into each other’s lives always fascinates me!”

Photo courtesy of Andi Campbell-Jones via Ficker.

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