“What do you want?”

I was on vacation and spending some time with the Lord on one of my favorite paths by the ocean. Out of the blue I heard God ask me to get still and listen to my own desires. When I listed things I wanted for ministry or others …. He stopped me. What do YOU want for YOU?

I was caught off guard. Shouldn’t I give up what I want for what He wants? Isn’t that the good Christian life? More of Him, less of me? Die to self? Pick up my cross and follow Him?

I realized I didn’t know what I wanted. I’d spent so much time serving others that I’d forgotten what made me happy. Months went by and as the question came up again I was still drawing a blank. How could I not know what I wanted?

Things I wanted seemed shallow. Things like I wanted to get back in shape, buy a house, find that special person to walk through life with and take more vacations. But they didn’t feel like those were spiritual enough. Then I remembered Solomon … so I said I want wisdom!

But God kept wooing me by saying my dreams were His dreams for me. I was resisting.

I realized I’d believed some lies and those were holding me back from discovering God’s plan for my life. Because how He made me, with all my desires and preferences, are an indication of what I was created to do.

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