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I’ve worked with many well known and even famous people in my life. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the greatest known singers and musicians in the world.

I’ve also worked with people who want to be famous but probably never will be.

What are the differences? Why do some become famous and others don’t?

Let me define what famous means to most people. To be known and loved.  Even if someone wants to be famous to have money, it still comes back to being affirmed for success. To be known.

Are you using energy in your life to be known?

Before you decide you don’t want to read the rest of this post because it may cause condemnation … let me say this … God put in us a desire to be known. He wants us to be known by Him. He put in us a desire to be loved so we’d pursue being loved by Him. Under the work of the Holy Spirit that same desire is used to support others. To use our voices to call upon the greatness we see in each other is to encourage the body. And it spurs us on to do the work of the Kingdom. It’s the desire for greatness that has given people the drive to start non-profits and take care of the less fortunate.

Submitted to God, being known is a result of making Him known.

God promises to have rewards for us in heaven.  And he knows in the pursuit of Him we will be known by Him and even find peace in the presence of our enemies. He has a plan for us to be known on earth and in heaven.

The problem comes when well meaning Christians who desire to make Jesus famous get caught up with the wave of excitement of being known. I can almost smell the rise of defeat among those that will never find the acclaim they so desire. It’s like a drive that pushes back instead of pushes forward.

So how do we avoid the road that leads to destruction?

It’s no secret I’m an inconsistent blogger. So, one day I was talking to God about all the things I’d been told I needed to do to make my blog known so I could do the work he’s called me to do. He spoke this to my heart. “Jill, I got my will accomplished before social media was invented.”

I am utterly convinced that if I spend more time on social networking or building my audience instead of the instructions of Jesus – to love God and love each other – then I have failed.

I may not be the best at Twitter and Facebook. I may not have a lot of followers, subscribers or comments. But, God knows me. And if what I write is meant to be read by the masses, He will bring attention to it. I must seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things will be added unto me.

So, I complied a list of things really famous people do. (you decide if you know them or not)


  1. Build into someone else’s platform
  2. Pay more attention to the average person than the popular person
  3. Be generous with time, money and affection
  4. Build relationships not contacts
  5. Treat people the same privately as publicly
  6. Don’t break eye contact when in conversation for anyone else walking by
  7. Treat people as extraordinary and fuss over them often
  8. Habitually do something for someone that can’t return the favor
  9. Keep promises and commitments
  10. Arrive on time to scheduled meetings, parties or appointments

This list is just a start of the challenge for me.  What do you want to be famous for?

Photo credit Christian Haugen via Flicker.

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