I’ve grown to love driving long distances alone.

When everything else has grown silent, my attention is effortlessly drawn to hear God.

I left Dallas/Ft Worth at the end of February to head to the West Coast. I was excited to bring The Kingdom Expression Experiment to Albuquerque New Mexico first. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew God would be faithful to complete the work He called me to.

What I really love is how God surprises me along this journey. It’s like He’s holding on to a secret that can only be revealed when I arrive in the place He’s prepared. Which makes me excited about the unknown and undiscovered.

I often ask God what He thinks of places, things, people and concepts. Asking God questions has become one of my favorite ways to talk to Him. His answers are always unexpected and enlightening.

Check out this video to see what God has to say about what He likes about the land of New Mexico and how it relates to us.

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