I started taking morning walks. I am calling them, my walks with Jesus.

I came to realize one day that as I was studying or reading the Word, I was filling my head with knowledge and my heart stopped beating. What I mean is that I somehow got distracted with something good and gave up the something that was great! It is good to want to know more of His Word, it is good to read and pray and meditate. But, what was the motive of my heart?

Jesus:  Why do you want to spend time with me?
Me:  Well, because I want to know you more.
Jesus: Why else?
Me:  Because I want to be able to disciple others and tell them how great you are.
Jesus:  Why else?
Me: Because I want to intercede for others.
Jesus: Why else?
Me:  Because I want to do great things for you.
Jesus: Why?
Me: Because I love you.  What am I missing?
Jesus: (silence)
Me:  Uh … What do you want to show me?
Jesus:  Just walk with me because you love me.

Sometimes, ministry can cause me to get focused on the task and not the motivation of the task. Now, on my morning walks I listen. I ask Him more questions about what I read in His Word. I let Him reveal what He wants. Sometimes it’s my sin, sometimes it’s how to pray for someone, sometimes it is a deeper revelation of who He is…but, He chooses.  I submit … I just walk with Him. At the end of my walk that day he said:

Jesus: Thank you for walking with me today.
Me: (silence & tears)

Prov 15:8  “…the prayer of the upright is His delight.”

Are we choosing to walk with Him the way He is going? Or do we expect Him to walk where we have already decided to go? We may find that the greatest thing He could do is to let some distance go so we realize we started walking our own way … so we come back to walking with Jesus.

Walk with Him, He delights in you!

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