When you hear the phrase “set apart” does it make you feel like you have to give up a bunch of stuff in order to be holy? What if it meant you get to be apart of things instead of losing something? What if God had special things waiting for you that could only be discovered in His presence? Too often we are inundated with responsibilities that draw us away from extended periods of time with God. In today’s podcast, Melissa shares how to encounter God in the normal, everyday pace of life. You will learn how to find rest in His presence while keeping up with what He’s called you to.



Melissa Medina is known to be a friendly and fiery Puerto Rican wife to Anthony and mom to Caleb … who loves Jesus and passionately lives life abiding in God. Melissa’s heart is to help people align with truth, awaken to purpose, and advance the Kingdom in every sphere. She’s a vibrant communicator passionate about equipping and activating others in the areas of prayer and prophecy to transform hearts and the world around them. Melissa loves to call out the gold in people and inspire them toward destiny.

Melissa has nearly two decades in Church leadership roles. Through these strategic assignments, she’s helped birth and steward apostolic mandates and prophetic intercessory initiatives alongside key national leaders such as Cindy Jacobs and Dutch Sheets. Under the apostolic covering of Lou Engle, Melissa recently became Executive Director for Rise Up, a woman’s movement birthed out of The Call for amplifying the female voice of virtue in every sphere.

Melissa and her husband, Anthony travel and speak under the banner of HopeFires International, their itinerant ministry devoted to igniting hope, healing, and spiritual hunger. They also serve as lead pastors and instructors for the Trinity School of Supernatural Ministry where they disciple students to receive and release the Kingdom everywhere they go.

She also holds a BA in Political Science and Law, and an MPA in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from New York University. She and her family live in the Dallas area.

Melissa has a heart for us to know the Lord … as you hear her share her heart today you will sense the sweet presence of God in her tone and anointed words. Her life has been one set apart for the Lord and she will share how she feels called to share a message of consecration … and how you can too so it’s not a burden but a joy.

Highlights from Today’s Episode

  • Melissa’s testimony of leaving a promising career as an attorney to dedicating her life to justice through intercession.
  • What it means to consecrate ourselves unto the Lord.
  • How do you make time for God when your life is so full?
  • The three things we must do to learn to love God, love ourselves and love others.
  • How God called her to teach on consecration and what fruit came from it in her Facebook group.
  • The importance of learning to love others and why it’s the main question God asks us when we meet Him face to face.

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