Julie Holmquist loves to see people awakened to their part in God’s story. She knows each one of us is called to uniquely express who God is to the world. She champions others who are bravely stepping out of their comfort zones to build their “portion of the wall” in the kingdom. Julie wants others to know that encountering difficulties in our callings is not a sign we are doing it wrong or that we’ve heard God incorrectly. But building God’s Kingdom requires courage.

In studying the book of Nehemiah, Julie’s discovered a few ways the enemy attempts to thwart God’s plans in our lives as believers called to do great things for God. So how do we get more courage to do the things God has called us to do? How should we respond to the things the enemy throws at us in order to get us to quit? Get ready to be soooooo encouraged by Julie’s wisdom!  


Julie Holmquist is a blogger and encourager of women. She’s been through her own trials and has seen God develop a depth in her that comes out in her writing. Julie has been married to her husband, Giff, for almost 21 years. Together they have four boys (yes, four)! Their induction into this parenting gig began with twins! Next, they have a son who has special needs (autism, mentally handicapped, seizures, and other health issues). And then they had their little caboose. She and her family live in the Charlotte, NC area.

What We Talk About In This Episode

  • Why it takes courage to walk in our calling.
  • The importance of dependence on the Lord when we are in a battle.
  • How Nehemiah got the courage to build the wall (it has to do with what he drank!)
  • What ways the enemy comes against our calling and tries to intimidate us.
  • What discouragement has to do with the chatter we hear in our minds … and how to shut it off.
  • How the enemy uses slander as a tactic to stop your calling.
  • Why we get resistance as we try to make a difference.
  • How much of our mess do we really share?
  • Why whatever we focus on we give power to.
  • How our calling is usually something we can do and yet bigger than we think we can do.
  • Our purpose is to love God and be loved. But our calling is to do things for Him which is an expression of our purpose.

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